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The top three ranks in the latest College Football Playoff rankings are Mississippi State, Auburn, and Florida. The top fourth rank was bagged by Oregon.

The teams that have moved a spot higher after the first rankings were released by the selection committee, which comprises 12 members, are the Ducks. They have beaten Alabama, which has also climbed a spot higher.

Mississippi State University in College PlayoffsOn the other hand, Mississippi has fallen seven places because of losing a second time to Auburn. The team now occupies the 11th rank. The Rebels are still ahead of Nebraska, Baylor, and Ohio. Auburn is higher than all the other 12 teams that have lost just one game. Mississippi State, which won 17 – 10 against Arkansas, has retained its number one position.

The only power-five conference teams that have remained undefeated are the Seminoles and the Bulldogs. Marshall has not yet achieved a place in the Top 25 rankings. But Kansas State has moved up by two positions, overtaking Michigan State, and now holds the seventh rank.

The top 10 rankings, from higher to lower, are held by Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn, Oregon, Alabama, TCU, Kansas State, Michigan State, Arizona State, and Notre Dame.

The Sun Devils have moved upwards the highest. They had occupied the 14th rank, but now they are at the ninth position. Notre Dame, which is just behind the Sun Devils, will be playing against Arizona State this Saturday.

The above rankings are temporary as the selection committee will release the final rankings only on December 7.

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Is Bovada Legit? Wed, 30 Jul 2014 18:54:35 +0000 The matter of whether online betting site is a scam deserves [...]

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bovadalegitThe matter of whether online betting site is a scam deserves consideration. Is Bovada legitimate? The short answer is yes.

I have been dealing with this company since 2004 and have personally met with some of the management in 2011 in Dublin Ireland and again in 2012 in Las Vegas  – that was a blast.  My point is that Bodog/Bovada is a long standing company that has been doing things right for a long time.  They have outlasted many other gambling sites by giving players what they want without any BS and by constantly adjusting to what the gambling market wants.

Is Bovada a Scam?

Most people determine whether a company is running a “scam” by looking at how long that company has existed. Bovada is no fly-by-nighter. The company is run by Morris Mohawk Gaming Group or “MMGG“. MMGG was a partner in the online gaming site

How Long Has the Company Existed?

In 2011, MMGG left its partnership with Bodog’s controversial founder Calvin Ayre to form While Bovada has existed only a couple of years, MMGG was founded on Quebecois Mohawk land in 2006. This is not the setting of an operation built to scam players and go into hiding.

What Types of Online Betting Are Available from Bovada? offers an array of wagers to please any online player. The company’s diverse sports betting options include unique parlay wagers. While watching a football game, you can bet on the result of the next down!

Casino games available with Bovada include blackjack, roulette, and craps. Never bother with roulette in any casino setting. That game and slot machines are like giant, money-engulfing black holes. You may win a spin or two, but the mathematics of these games adds up to players consistently losing in the long term.

For the poker player, offers more than just the standard Texas Hold ‘em. You will also find popular Omaha and Seven-Card Stud variants on the site.

Is the Company’s Payout Process Dependable?

This is the key to judging any online betting company’s legitimacy. Do they pay you? In the U.S., reliable, fast “cashouts” have become the only worthwhile measure by which online players judge a site.

As of 2014, is known to pay efficiently. Specific to online poker available to U.S. players, no company pays out faster. Payouts arrive in about one week.

Should You Play at

Only you can answer the question of whether you should play at Bovada. Take the information provided in this article and make an educated decision and grab some Bovada bonus money.

If you are comfortable with a little risk in your life and if you have a little money you can afford to risk, Bovada may be just the place you want to play!

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Tips for Las Vegas Betting Lines Mon, 07 Jul 2014 21:34:34 +0000 What to Look for When Visiting a Las Vegas Sportsbook When you [...]

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What to Look for When Visiting a Las Vegas Sportsbook

When you walk into a Las Vegas sportsbook, you’ll notice a giant black board with bright shiny lights with a bunch of numbers and team names. Not sure how to comprehend what is written on those boards? I’ll help you out. To th left of every team or athlete on the betting board is a number. That number is used for reference purposes. After you have decided what team you want to wager on, you’ll provide that number to the (hopefully) friendly teller. That’s the only relevancy of that number.

Understanding the Lines

sportsbook in Las Vegas

Typical Las Vegas Sportsbook with lines on the board.

The real numbers that matter are to the right of the team name on the betting board. You will see either a point spread or moneyline. The point spread is when you wager on a team to win by a certain amount or to not lose by any more than a certain amount. If there is a + symbol in front of the number, that means the team is the underdog. If it’s a – symbol, they are the favorites.

So let’s say you see Dallas –5.5. That means the Cowboys are a 5.5 point favorite and if you wager on them they must win by at least 6 points or you lose the bet. If Dallas was listed at +5.5, they can’t lose by any more than 5 points or you lose right along with them. When betting the moneyline, you’re picking a team to win straight up. Point spread doesn’t matter. They either win the game outright or you lose the bet. The moneyline is based on how much you have to bet in order to win a certain amount. If the line is –160, you have to wager $160 in order to win $100. If the line is +160, you would win $160 on a $100 bet. So obviously when a team is an underdog, if you wager on them and they win it pays out more.

How Are the Lines Set

Most people have no idea how Las Vegas sports betting lines are set. They assume some dude knows everything there is to know about sports and sets the lines based on how he thinks the outcome of the game will go. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. The point spread actually has no bearing on how many points handicappers expect a team to win by. It’s based on what they think will entice action on both the favorite and underdog equally.

Las Vegas sportsbooks don’t care who wins the game. They want an equal amount wagered on the favorite and underdog. Why? Because with the juice factored in, they can’t lose. If you wager $1,000 on the favorite and your buddy wagers $1,000 on the underdog, only one of you will win. But Vegas is guaranteed to win regardless of the outcome of the game between the two of you. The lines are initially set by a handicapper based on how he feels will entice action on both sides. As the time leading up to the game progresses, the lines fluctuate based on how the public is wagering. If there is too much action on the favorite, for example, the point spread will rise.

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Aria Poker Room Review Fri, 13 Jun 2014 17:22:38 +0000 Las Vegas Poker: Our Aria Poker Room Review I play at Aria [...]

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Las Vegas Poker: Our Aria Poker Room Review
aria poker room

A shot of the poker room at the Aria.

I play at Aria multiple times per week. There are many reasons I play so much poker at Aria, which I will divulge in this review. But in my honest opinion, Aria’s poker room is not only the best in Las Vegas. It’s the best poker room in the United States. You simply cannot find a more enjoyable and profitable place to play poker in the US, and here’s why…

General Poker Room Information

Comps: $2 per hour ($3 per hour between 5:00 and 10:00 AM)
Daily Tournaments: $125 buy-in (1:00 and 7:00 PM, 10,000 in chips)
Bad Beat Jackpot: None
Number of Tables: 24 (plus an additional tournament room available)
Cash Games Played: Limit and No-Limit at all levels, hold ‘em, PLO, Stud, etc.

Aria has daily tournaments that attract anywhere between 50-120 players. The 1:00 tournament brings in more players than the 7:00 tournament. Both have favorable blind structures (30 minute blind levels with 10,000 starting chips). Should you decide to play in either tournament, you should expect to play for at least 8 hours if you make it to the final table.

Cash games at Aria are generally loose. At most tables there are a few solid players, a few donkeys and a few players that play the nuts exclusively. The players at Aria aren’t usually as loose as what you will find at some of the inferior poker rooms, but there are plenty of tourists with a lot of money that aren’t very good at poker.

What I Love Most About the Poker Room at Aria

I’ve logged more than a thousand hours of poker at Aria over the past year or so and I can safely say there’s not much to dislike. Aria is one of the most comfortable poker rooms you will find, which might seem odd considering it’s always packed. The chairs are very comfy and the room temperature is almost always perfect. One thing many Las Vegas poker rooms lack is friendly, skilled dealers. Aria does not. The dealers at Aria – with rare exception – are good conversationalists and know what they’re doing.

Of course, having comfortable chairs and friendly dealers is only part of what makes a poker room great. The most important factor is the ability to make money. There is plenty of opportunity to make good money playing poker at Aria regardless of the game you play. Even the $1-$3 no-limit hold ‘em game is profitable if you are skilled. There’s plenty of action in that game. Aria has arguably the best $2-$5 NLH game in Las Vegas. But I might suggest buying in for the maximum ($500) and bringing at least 2 buy-ins to the table. This is an action game with many ups and downs. But if you are patient you can make a killing.

The daily tournaments at Aria are as good as you will find in Las Vegas. Only Venetian has comparable daily tournaments. There are tons of skilled players in these tournaments, but more than half of the players are clueless. I usually avoid confrontations with the other skilled players in these tournaments and pounce on the donkeys that will shove with anything that resembles a decent hand. One final reason to love Aria’s poker room is getting to see and play with celebrities and top poker players. Jose Canseco plays here frequently, as do many of the most famous poker players in the world (Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Eli Elezra, Jean Robert-Bellande, Johnny Chan, etc.).

Grading the Aria Poker Room on a 1 to 10 Scale

Room Comfort Level: 10
Quality of Opponents: 8
Daily Tournaments: 10
Comps: 10
Staff: 9
Profitable Cash Games: 8
Overall: 10
Las Vegas Rank: 1st

Next time you are in Las Vegas, you absolutely must spend at least some time playing poker at Aria. In my opinion, it is the best poker room in the country. There’s nothing to dislike about this place. They have an exceptional staff (dealers, floor managers, cocktail waitresses, etc), they keep the room clean and cozy, and there is plenty of opportunity to make money playing cash games of all levels and tournaments.

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Bills Gambling Hall is now The Cromwell Tue, 29 Apr 2014 20:37:26 +0000 RIP Barbary Coast and Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall.  It is now officially a “boutique” [...]

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RIP Barbary Coast and Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall.  It is now officially a “boutique” hotel/casino.  Fat Elvis (who is now performing at Harrahs btw) would not approve

barbary coast - bills gambling hall - cromwell

The Glittering Cromwell Casino gave everyone a first look into one of the strip’s more luxurious hotel and casino combinations on April 21. There is a reason that such an establishment belongs on the strip – it would not work anywhere else in Nevada. Not only does it offer a glamorously contemporary stay for hotel guests and casino visitors alike, but it also provides plenty of unique entertainment. Such accommodations give it enough of a great start to both fit in perfectly as a hospitable Las Vegas location, while also providing a bit of its own flair of individuality to the mix.  The Cromwell is only a 12 story hotel and can be a nice change of pace from the enormous hotels that require a long walk just to get from your room to the strip.

Cromwell Hits

  • Rooftop pool
  • Chef Giada De Laurentiis’ first restaurant – Giada’s
  • Drais Day & Nightclub
  • 3:2 Blackjack at $10 tables!

Cromwell Misses

  • No sportsbook
  • Drinks at the Lounge are $15-$19
  • $229 weekday room rates
  • Old Vegas fell is gone
  • A lot of purple plum

cromwell in vegas




The original plan for this property’s overall design was, admittedly, a bit dated. Earlier plans were soon abandoned for the idea of a more modern look. Due to licensing difficulties with an investor (Gansevoort has Russian mob ties) from overseas, the previous design was left alone and new envisions began quick work on the newer, fresh design, only with a few classic twists. The Cromwell casino, in all of its 40,000 square feet of space, is alighted with lines of entertainment. This includes 66 gaming tables, 440 new slot machines, a centerfold lounge where guests can enjoy themselves in splendor, and even a high limit room.  Check out this photo tour of the Cromwell for more casino pics.

Hotel Room Info

The hotel portion of the casino will be open to all guests starting May 21st and reservations are now available at Rates begin at $209.00 per night for each guest. The bars and lounges of the hotel area will also be open by this date, which include the opening of Drai’s nightclub and Giada’s restaurant on Memorial Day weekend. Hotel guests will be given a few newer perks. This includes a service bar for coffee and other refreshments on each floor that is available 24/7. This is to prevent guests the hassle of running downstairs every time they require a drink.

There are 188 hotel rooms that will be available that will have a a similar theme, there are different layouts and sizes. Each room follows a color scheme of plum and each holds finely decorated trunks with a vintage feel being used as a bedside table, similar closets, and chests. The floor of the hotel/casino also holds a quirk, as there are clever writings in English and in French, which should both entertain while walking and add a fun atmosphere.

Cromwell Stats

  • Owned by Harrahs
  • $185 million Renovation
  • 188 Hotel Rooms
  • 40,000-square-foot casino floor
  • 68 table games & 440 Slot machines
The Cromwell Casino

Credit: VitalVegas

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Lock Poker is Operating in Full Scam Mode Wed, 23 Apr 2014 18:03:28 +0000 It’s official – Lock poker is a scam, also known as a [...]

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It’s official – Lock poker is a scam, also known as a scamola.  There are virtually no positive reviews to find on There are many people who have fallen victim to Lock Poker and their fraudulent claims to withdraw their money.  Currently Lock Poker owes well over $945,000 and most players have been waiting over 6+ months with nothing but hope they will get paid, but no payments will be coming in the foreseeable future.

lock poker stealing money

Only deposit at Lock Poker if you don’t like your money

Lock Poker 2.0 is the newest poker platform that this company released in 2013.  Signing up as a new member, they claim that you are able to have your sign-up deposit matched at 200% up to $6,000. Not only do offer this new member sign-up bonus, there are several Freeroll and Guarantee Tournaments offered to their members.

All these claims by Lock Poker are unmatched and it makes them seem like the ultimate online poker room. That would be ideal if they were true. The scam part about these claims is the follow-through. Most specifically, the lack of follow-through. New members are able to sign up and make their deposits to cash flow their bankroll. Many members participate and earn real winnings from the poker games, but are unable to withdraw the funds. Other victims fall prey to the player poaching attempts that Lock Poker made. Promising rakebacks to players who switched to play there ended up losing out since Lock Poker kept them instead. To make matters worse, the supposed new transfer policy that was enforced, now mandates that players cannot withdraw their funds without pre-paying 15% of rake or fees.

Lock Poker is still collecting deposits from new players (who are unaware of the situation) and are not paying  the 9+ months of backed up withdrawal requests.

This is absolutely fraudulent and Lock Poker is currently operating in full scam mode.  Supposedly, in 2013, they updated with withdrawal policy to protect players and Lock Poker from players that were laundering money from the site – Ha!  All the red flags show that Lock Poker does not have the funds to pay their players.

Funds that are sent via mail were supposed to be guaranteed within 48 hours. Victims to the Lock Poker scam are now being told by the support staff that it could take 6-8 weeks to receive withdrawals. Even this claim would be more attractive than not receiving any funds at all, ever. Unfortunately, the latter is the reality and everyone knows they are just buying time before they disappear or rebrand. Active players of Lock Poker have not been paid in over nine months. Trying to contact the support staff is more than extremely difficult. With no contact phone number and no online chat, it leaves for email contact only which allows for Lock Poker to be selective about responding to players’ concerns.

Lock Poker is a scam and previous affiliates have broken ties with them because of their shady behavior. Since it’s virtually impossible to receive winnings, online poker players should steer far away from them.  It’s such a shame because this was a great poker site for US players a few years ago.  The lock poker name ad network are now ruined and everyone needs to stay far away.

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Bitcoins for Gambling Looks Like a Good Option Fri, 04 Apr 2014 00:56:48 +0000 I have a few bitcoins, nothing crazy, and I’m not hording them [...]

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I have a few bitcoins, nothing crazy, and I’m not hording them for when (which is a big IF) the value goes sky high. I’m definitely a gambler but I don’t think they are great as an investment. To say it is high volatility is an understatement, but bitcoins are pretty damn good for sending/receiving money as the transaction fee is relatively tiny (can be under $1 to send $5k) compared to other options an is pennies for small transactions. Oh, and it’s basically instant – can take up to a minute for the network peers to verify.

I just started dabbling with using bitcoins for gambling, mainly sports betting. Using these bitcoins to deposit and withdraw at bitcoin betting sites (like is 100 times easier than using a US online sportsbook where cashing out my winning takes a few days and can cost $25. The movement is “kind of” anonymous (there is a public ledger of all bitcoin transactions) and completely eliminates the need to use any third party.

You will need to create a Bitcoin “wallet” account in order to play for the Bitcoins. The “getting started” process is free and very simple to do.

The Betcoin Sports website is a bitcoin sportsbook that has all the sports you could think of, PLUS a full casino including craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and slots.  For playing poker with bitcoins, is the biggest/best so far and has been around a few years now.

Some big bettors are now recognizing the great perks that seem to be offered by bitcoin gambling websites. The problem is that most of the bitcoin betting sites are newer (under 1 year old) and almost all of them are not licensed. This brings obvious opportunities for scammers. The easiest way to limit risk is to only deposit the amount of bitcoin you are going to play with and after your gambling session, cash it out directly to your wallet. There is no point in leaving your bitcoins at the betting site for your next session, especially since transactions fees are so minimal.

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We Found the Best Poker Rooms in Las Vegas Fri, 28 Mar 2014 15:52:56 +0000 When you travel to Las Vegas to play poker, you’ll be in [...]

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poker room at the Bellagio

The Bellagio poker room is a must play

When you travel to Las Vegas to play poker, you’ll be in for a treat. There are a plethora of awesome poker rooms. And, yes, there are plenty of mediocre rooms as well. So what I’m going to do is give you a list of the best places to play. But first, I need to make a disclaimer. Everyone is different and we all have different skill sets and play different poker games. So you might not enjoy playing at the same casinos as I do. The following list of poker rooms includes the best Vegas poker rooms for all types of players.

Criteria for Recommendation

Like I said, everyone is looking for something different. I have friends that absolutely refuse to play at Aria. I play there regularly and consider it the best poker room I’ve ever played at. Different strokes for different folks. Regardless of your personal preferences, there are certain traits you should look for in a poker room. If you’re in Vegas for vacation, choosing an unpleasant poker room could ruin your vacation. If you’re a local, picking the right poker room will be the difference between winning and losing.

Comps: Each poker room rewards players with comps based on how many hours you play. The top poker rooms give $2 per hour in comps (Bellagio, Aria, Venetian, etc.). These add up. I usually have about $30 per week in comps racked up at some poker rooms. That’s enough for a free meal or two at a decent restaurant.

Your Game(s): Never buy into a poker game you’re not good at because the poker room doesn’t offer the game(s) you play. Go somewhere else. What I love most about poker rooms such as Bellagio and Venetian is they have a wide range of games and blind levels.

Plenty of Weak Players: Whether you’re skilled or a donkey, it’s a good idea to play in games with players that are either too tight or too loose. Regardless of your skill level, it’s not a winning proposition to face only good poker players.

Good Customer Service: Customer service counts, even when playing poker. I hate playing at a table with a dealer that is rude. It makes the experience unpleasant. If the dealers are idiots or unfriendly, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

3 Las Vegas Poker Rooms Almost Everyone Will Enjoy


#1 – Ariaaria casino – If every other poker room closed down and I was forced to play at Aria exclusively I’d be okay with it. Not that I want other poker rooms to close down. I’m just saying. I love Aria’s poker room for many reasons. Celebrities such as Jose Canseco, Michael Phelps, and Norm MacDonald have played in here. Ditto for almost all of the top poker players in the world. Yes, there are a lot of solid players at all levels at Aria, but there is always 3-4 donkeys at a table. And most of them have money to burn. Dealers here are friendly and the cocktail waitresses are easy on the eyes. Expect a 20-30 minute wait to get in a cash game.

#2 – BellagioBellagio poker room – Many WPT events have taken place at Bellagio. It’s one of the most recognized poker rooms in the world. Bellagio’s poker room is similar to Aria’s in that good good players play there but enough bad players with money make it worthwhile. Famous people and top players are often spotted at Bellagio, usually playing in the famous Bobby’s Room (attached to the main poker room). I’m not a big fan of their customer service, although it does appear to be improving. The dealers are good but it often takes too long for someone to bring me my chips. This is a minor gripe but I felt it’s necessary to mention.

#3 – Venetianvenetian casino – Venetian has always had a great poker room but it got even better after they renovated it in September 2012. No poker room has more different types of games than Venetian. In the evenings, there’s almost always at least 25 games going. You won’t see celebs in the Venetian poker room often, but it’s still a great place to play some cards. And it’s located right across from my latest favorite sportsbook – the Mirage.

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Bellagio Poker Room Review Wed, 05 Mar 2014 02:56:20 +0000 Bellagio has one of the most recognized poker rooms in the world. [...]

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poker room at the Bellagio

The Bellagio poker room is always busy

Bellagio has one of the most recognized poker rooms in the world. Many World Poker Tour Events have been played here and some of the world’s best players frequent this excellent poker room. Bellagio’s poker room takes on the reputation of its luxurious hotel – classy. On your next Vegas vacation, perhaps you should take a stroll into the Bellagio poker room. Chances are you’ll find your favorite game going at any time of the day.

General Poker Room Information

Comps:  $2 per hour
Daily Tournaments:  $335 (2:00 PM on weekends) and $125 (2:00 PM on weekdays)
Bad Beat Jackpot:  None
Number of Tables:  39 (with additional separate room for major tournaments)
Cash Games Played:  Limit and No-Limit at all levels, hold ‘em, PLO, Stud, etc.

Bellagio is a frequent host of World Poker Tour Events. They also host many high-roller tournaments. Bellagio is one of the most famous spots for poker tournaments in the world. They also have more than 20 cash games going pretty much any time of day. There is a long wait list for just about any game between noon and midnight. However, the list generally moves quickly so you will hardly ever have to wait more than an hour to get in a game.

The most famous section of the Bellagio poker room is Bobby’s Room, which was named after the legendary Bobby Baldwin. In Bobby’s Room, you’ll find the top players in the world playing for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Johnny Chan, and Barry Greenstein are some of the Bobby’s Room regulars.

What I Love Most About the Poker Room at Bellagio

I’m not sure why but I really love playing in a poker room that the famous poker players and celebrities play at. I find more celebrities playing at Aria than Bellagio but I do occasionally come across some at Bellagio. Even if I’m not in a game with them, I think it’s cool to see them play in Bobby’s Room or at another table. Most of the top poker players are friendly to other poker players in the room. However, they’re not so kind to the dealers. Most dealers have told me they rarely tip and are rude to the dealers after losing a hand.

Bellagio is a packed poker room. That’s a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it. I prefer playing in a packed poker room. I don’t mind having to wait for a seat. I hate playing in poker rooms where I have to worry if a game is going to break down before I want to stop playing. That will never happen at Bellagio. Even at 3:00 in the morning there are a dozen or so games going, with the tables full.

Grading the Bellagio Poker Room on a 1 to 10 Scale

Room Comfort Level:  9
Quality of Opponents:  8
Daily Tournaments:  7
Comps:  9
Staff:  7
Profitable Cash Games:  8
Overall:  9
Las Vegas Rank:  3rd

I rank Bellagio’s poker room slightly below Aria and Venetian for two reasons. First off, I’m not a fan of Bellagio’s daily tournaments. They do get some bonus points because they frequently hose some of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. But their daily tournaments aren’t near as profitable as what you’ll find at Venetian or Aria. Also, the customer service at Bellagio could use an upgrade. Other than that, it’s a great poker room and I definitely recommend it.

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Sportsbook Betting Versus Online Betting Tue, 25 Feb 2014 02:17:09 +0000 Live Betting Versus Online Betting: Settling the Sports Betting Debate Before I [...]

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Live Betting Versus Online Betting: Settling the Sports Betting Debate

sportsbook in Las VegasBefore I get into the debate between live sports betting (at a sportsbook in a casino) and online sports betting, I must preface this by saying that those of you living in 49 of the 50 US states have nothing to debate unless you’re on vacation in Nevada. Well, unless you want to gamble illegally. Hey, I’m not here to judge you. Just be careful. Don’t get caught! Now, onto the debate…

Live Sports Betting Pros

The cool thing about betting in an offline sportsbook is you can place your wager, grab a seat and a beer and sit back and watch the game right there. Depending on which sportsbook you’re at, you might even have a cocktail waitress that provides some eye candy – added bonus! You also receive comps at most casino sportsbooks. They aren’t much but they do add up. In most cases, $100 bet gets you a free drink. So if you bet $1,000 on games you will receive 10 drink tickets or so, depending on where you are. The other benefits of betting in an offline sportsbook is you know you can trust where you’re giving your money and know you’ll get paid out. Also, the atmosphere definitely beats watching a ballgame from home.

Live Sports Betting Cons

Nothing is perfect. Offline casino sportsbooks have downsides as well. Even places like Caesars and Bellagio. If you’re watching a game at, say, Aria Sportsbook, the chairs are quite comfy (leather, in fact). But nothing is more comfortable than your own couch at home. If you don’t smoke, many Vegas sportsbooks allow smoking so that might bother you. And, let’s face it, betting online is a lot more convenient. You have to actually drive to an offline sportsbook, get out of your car and place a bet. On those days where you feel like being lazy and lounging around the house but want to throw down some cash on the big game, it’s nice to have an online sportsbook account.

Online Sports Betting Pros

As stated earlier, it’s nice to have an online sportsbook account on days you just want to lounge around. This is true even for Las Vegas residents. Placing a bet online is merely a click away. It’s also convenient to be able to log onto your sports betting site and check out the lines without having to drive to a casino. The Internet has made everything more convenient. Sure, it’s probably made us a bit lazier but there are far more benefits to it than negatives.

Online Sports Betting Cons

It’s not that I don’t trust online casinos. Well, some I don’t. But I always prefer physically handing someone my money when making a purchase. This isn’t just true for sports betting. I don’t even like buying electronics online. I do, but I hate putting my credit card information out there even on a secure website. I’m very cautious with my money. Since online gambling is illegal in the United States, American citizens have to put their money into overseas accounts when gambling online. Yes, it’s very lame. But, hey, our government tells us we are horrible people if we wager on a computer instead of at a casino (sigh). Plus, I love sitting at a sportsbook and watching ballgames. The atmosphere is really cool usually as long as you aren’t at one of those depressing local casinos where only angry old chain smokers frequent.

So….Which One is Better?

I just spent about 600 words explaining the pros and cons of online and offline sports betting, but still haven’t told you which one is better. That’s because the answer is…neither. It just depends on your personal preference. For me, some days I prefer going over to Bellagio or Caesars to bet on and watch a game. Other days I don’t feel like getting up off my couch so I use my online sportsbook account. I’ll let you decide for yourself which one is better.

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