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Mastercard Explain Online Gambling Block

mastercard blocks poker depositsOnline poker rooms and players where left with a bitter taste in their mouths after major credit card company MasterCard moved to block gambling transactions  by online poker rooms and online casinos.

The move caused uproar within the poker community, with players saying that they needed to add additional funding into their accounts in order to be able to play tournaments and games that they had being planning to play.

The move means that there are a large number of players who will be searching for new ways to fund their accounts, with major online poker rooms Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker not accepting the likes of Paypal deposits.

It seems that its not only players who aren’t happy about the decision to block payments to the sites via their credit cards, funding of accounts has been dropping due to the move and so the online poker rooms are also looking for answers from the credit card company.

With the move to block the transactions it could soon be time for a number of dedicated online poker players to say goodbye to their MasterCard as they look to transfer their funds to another company that are willing to allow the deposits to be made.

With the news coming to light very recently, it will be interesting to see whether there are a number of other credit card companies that follow MasterCard’s example, more than likely pushing players to having to create eWallet accounts in order to deposit.¬† Ewalletxpress and UseMyWallet are 2 very easy online e-wallets that were commonly used. These online e-wallets have sonce been shut down by the US DOJ..

Although it will initially mean that players are having to create new accounts with the eWallet companies, it will also increase their security due to the privacy that one of these accounts offers. There are no personal details passed onto 3rd party companies and so large risk elements are eliminated.

Online E-wallets are much safer and easier to use than credit cards!


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