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Thursday, 21 June 2018
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Tiger Woods Betting Odds

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tiger woods oddsNow you can see some crazy Tiger Woods odds after his Thanksgiving weekend disaster has created a huge Tiger Wood scandal.  His wife Elin Nordegren confronted Tiger about one or more of his multiple mistresses, then crashing his Cadillac Escalade in his driveway and then being treated at the hospital for an overdose.  Speculation and rumors are flying about Tiger Woods and his mistresses.

For those keeping track:

mistress #1: Rachel Uchitel (nioghtclub hostess)
mistress #2: Jaimee Grubbs (Las Angeles cocktail waitress)
mistress #3: Kalika Moquin (Vegas night vlub executive
mistress #4: Mindy Lawton (Restaurant Manager
mistress #5: Jamie Jungers (vegas cocktail waitress)
mistress #6: Cori Rist (met at Manhattan club Butter)
mistress #7: Holly Sampson (Porn Star)

See a pattern? I guess Tiger is human after all.  Scroll down below for the funny Tiger Woods Saturday Night Live skit.

Analysts at BetUS posted the following odds on Tiger Woods’ Wacky Weekend:

Will Tiger lose any of his sponsorships?

  • Yes  5/1
  • No  1/10

Will he win / lose his next major?

  • Yes  2/1
  • No  1/3

Which club will Tiger’s wife use to smash his windshield with next?

  • Woods  3/2
  • Iron  1/1
  • Putters  2/1

Will Tiger file assault charges against wife?

  • Yes  2/1
  • No  1/3

Will Tiger’s wife join LPGA

  • Yes  6/1
  • No  1/12

Over/under on number of clubs it takes tiger’s wife to smash a windshield:

  • Over 2.5  5/6
  • Under 2.5  5/6

Odds on what Tiger’s facial lacerations are from:

  • His wife beating him  1/2
  • Air bag  2/1
  • Caddy  3/2

Odds on Tiger getting a DWI by 2012

  • Yes  5/1
  • No  1/10

Who is involved in a lawsuit first?

  • Tiger  2/1
  • Tiger’s wife  3/2
  • Caddy  6/5

Who has an affair first?

  • Tiger  5/6
  • Wife  5/6

Odds that tigers wife is having an affair

  • Yes  2/1
  • No  1/3

Will Charges be laid against Tiger?

  • Yes  5/6
  • No  5/6

Will rumors of an affair ring true – will a “new woman” come forward as having been w/ Tiger?

  • Yes  3/1
  • No  1/5

Will he divorce in next 24 months?

  • Yes  3/1
  • No  1/5


Tiger Woods Skit on Saturday Night Live



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