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7 Online Slot Machine Myths

Online gambling of every kind is at an all-time high these days. Whether it’s in an online sportsbook, an online casino, an online racebook or in the online poker rooms. People are using the internet to place wagers every day, now more than ever. However, there still remains plenty of skepticism about the authenticity of these online wager-takers. How can a bunch of unregulated, offshore, internet-based casinos be on the up-and-up?

There is a general paranoia that goes hand-in-hand with any web-based activity after all. Even though we all know that things like the house edge and low odds exist yet we still play because that’s why they call it gambling, whether it’s online or on the strip.

Besides this fact there remains many a myth about online gambling. Especially in the casino. And even more so at the slot machine. We’ve gathered some of the biggest online slot machine myths to give you the skinny on how these games work and if they’re worth your time and money.

You Can’t Improve Your Chances

The idea that online slots is straight luck is mostly true. Mostly. It is and has always been a game of random chance. However, that doesn’t mean you are unable to improve your chances and odds of winning a jackpot. Fixed jackpots, for instance, pay out more than progressive jackpots. Why is that? Because they are different games. Most slots have different types of games built-in and some have better odds than others. Find slots that give you plenty of ways to win. Do a little research to see which games are better. Hint: they are often the ones paying out the least.

The Length of Time from the Last Jackpot Matters

This myth sounds more like ancient superstition than anything else. It appears to be sound advice too, based in common sense. However, slot machines are random. Slot machines have no memory. Literally. These machines and programs have no memory so jackpots and wins are not spaced out. They come when they come and in order to win, you have to be there when they appear.

It Was Due

Another myth that goes right along with this is the idea that an online slot machine can be due. It hasn’t hit in a long time, so it must be coming soon. Any minute now… Unfortunately, this is not true at all. The slot outcomes are all completely random so none of them would have a due date.

Slots are Programmed to Go Hot and Cold

Much like the previous myth, this myth is based on the idea that the fix is in and slot machines can be programmed and manipulated to run hot and then cold. Nothing could be further from the truth. Are there outcomes on a slot machine that could make it appear to run hot and then cold?

Sure. However, the perception versus reality of it all tells us it simply isn’t true. Again, slot machines have no memories, so therefore, can not be programmed to do anything. Much like a roulette wheel that hits Red 23 eight times in a row. It may appear as if it is fixed to do so but, in reality, this is an outcome as believable as any other.

Slots Have Strategy

This myth is caused simply by human nature. Humans are problem-solvers. This is the part of our skill-set that keeps us on top of the food chain. We, humans, see something, we want to figure it out, even when there is nothing to figure out. This comes into play quite often on slot machines.

A slot machine is basically a random number generator that needs nothing from the player more than to pull the lever. You can improve your odds by playing certain games, but strategy is the last thing involved in slots. However, this doesn’t stop people from trying to figure slot machines out. It’s not their fault, though. They can’t help it.

Three Reels are Better than Five

This myth is another example of common sense failing us. It makes sense, too. The less of a match you need, the easier it will be to match. However, this is not the case at all due to the fact that online slots are, you guessed it, totally random. It’s just as tough to hit on a three reel game as a five reel game. Online slots are tough to win in general and that’s across the board.

So Close

Our last myth is another bit of human nature mixed with some brain chemistry. When someone plays slots, inevitably, they’ll get very close to winning. Missing just one symbol or number or square. Of course, with online slots and other games of chance, there’s no such thing as close. You either win or you lose. Human nature says otherwise, though. Getting close on one spin makes players think they are getting closer to winning. Nothing can be further from the truth. It’s a win or lose situation. Close has nothing to do with it.

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