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Is Bovada Legit?

bovadalegitThe matter of whether online betting site is a scam deserves consideration. Is Bovada legitimate? The short answer is yes.

I have been dealing with this company since 2004 and have personally met with some of the management in 2011 in Dublin Ireland and again in 2012 in Las Vegas  – that was a blast.  My point is that Bodog/Bovada is a long standing company that has been doing things right for a long time.  They have outlasted many other gambling sites by giving players what they want without any BS and by constantly adjusting to what the gambling market wants.

Is Bovada a Scam?

Most people determine whether a company is running a “scam” by looking at how long that company has existed. Bovada is no fly-by-nighter. The company is run by Morris Mohawk Gaming Group or “MMGG“. MMGG was a partner in the online gaming site

How Long Has the Company Existed?

In 2011, MMGG left its partnership with Bodog’s controversial founder Calvin Ayre to form While Bovada has existed only a couple of years, MMGG was founded on Quebecois Mohawk land in 2006. This is not the setting of an operation built to scam players and go into hiding.

What Types of Online Betting Are Available from Bovada? offers an array of wagers to please any online player. The company’s widely popular sports betting options include unique parlay wagers. While watching a football game, you can bet on the result of the next down!

Casino games available with Bovada include blackjack, roulette, and craps. Never bother with roulette in any casino setting. That game and slot machines are like giant, money-engulfing black holes. You may win a spin or two, but the mathematics of these games adds up to players consistently losing in the long term.

For the poker player, offers more than just the standard Texas Hold ’em. You will also find popular Omaha and Seven-Card Stud variants on the site.

Is the Company’s Payout Process Dependable?

This is the key to judging any online betting company’s legitimacy. Do they pay you? In the U.S., reliable, fast “cashouts” have become the only worthwhile measure by which online players judge a site.

As of 2014, is known to pay efficiently. Specific to online poker available to U.S. players, no company pays out faster. Payouts arrive in about one week.

Should You Play at

Only you can answer the question of whether you should play at Bovada. Take the information provided in this article and make an educated decision and grab some Bovada bonus money.

If you are comfortable with a little risk in your life and if you have a little money you can afford to risk, Bovada may be just the place you want to play!

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