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Cantor Gaming Company Information: The 4-1-1 on America’s Most Innovative Gaming Company

cantor gaming bookIf you’ve been to The Venetian, Tropicana, etc. in Las Vegas, perhaps you’ve seen a sign or logo for Cantor Gaming and wondered exactly what it meant. The short answer is Cantor Gaming is a gaming technology company. The long answer is forthcoming. You’re probably familiar with Las Vegas sportsbooks and/or the online sportsbooks. But you might now be familiar with Cantor Gaming and their influence on the world of sports betting, especially in the United States.

Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P. – the parent company of Cantor Gaming – is a leading financial services company worldwide. According to the Cantor Gaming company website, Cantor Fitzgerald “has over 65 years experience and unparalleled expertise of highly secure, real-time financial transaction processing, management, and execution”. The biggest, most successful banks in the world – they do business with Cantor Fitzgerald.

Cantor Gaming is a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald and deals specifically with casino gambling including poker, sports betting and horse betting. They provide casino sportsbooks and online sportsbooks with the following services…

  • Gaming systems
  • Operation and management services
  • System licensing
  • Software design and development
  • Supplying gaming hardware
  • Installation of products
  • Full technical support

Las Vegas sportsbooks that call upon Cantor Gaming to improve their sportsbook are able to offer their customers services other sportsbooks aren’t. Some of those features include mobile betting applications and casino games (i.e. blackjack, slots, etc.) that customers can play while watching sporting events. Providing customers with this type of service keeps them in the sportsbook, betting on more events instead of leaving the casino.

The purpose of Cantor Gaming is to – in a sense – increase the profitability of a sportsbook. How do they do that? By providing sportsbooks certain features that keep customers in the sportsbook, placing bets. There is a lot of competition for customers in Las Vegas sportsbooks so those doing business with Cantor Gaming are at a distinct advantage.

Exclusive Mobile Gaming Technology

In today’s world, every business is at an advantage when offering clients easy ways to make a purchase. That’s where Cantor Gaming’s mobile betting applications come into play. Customers of Cantor Gaming can place wagers on their iPhone or Android smartphones. This is a feature that makes sports betting more convenient especially for the hardcore sports bettor. With the Cantor Gaming Mobile App, there is no waiting in line to place a bet. Customers don’t even have to be located in the sportsbook.

They can place a wager while eating dinner at home, shopping at the mall, or walking the dog. Sports betting isn’t the only mobile application Cantor Gaming offers. Customers can also download regular casino game apps on their smartphones. Want to play blackjack from the comfort of your own home on your iPhone? That’s possible thanks to Cantor Gaming.

Additional Cantor Gaming Products

IN-RUNNING: Ever wanted to place a wager in the middle of a game? As the game goes on, In-Running allows sports bettors the opportunity to still place wagers. The lines and odds change as the game goes on.

BETTOR ODDS PARLAY: Being a successful sports bettor requires constant checks of updated odds. That’s far too much work and time consuming. Well, it used to be. Now, thanks to Cantor Gaming’s BOP, sports bettors can simply log onto their Cantor Gaming account and get up-to-the-minute lines.

KILL THE NUMBER: If you think traditional Keno is somewhat boring, you might enjoy Kill the Number. It’s Keno…with a twist and available at Cantor Gaming sportsbooks. Instead of hoping the numbers you select are chosen, you want your numbers to remain unselected. After each round, you can choose to press your luck or cash out.

Cantor Gaming has changed the face of sports betting – both with mobile applications and live betting. The next time you’re at places such as The Venetian or Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, make sure you check out the sportsbook and become familiar with the many benefits of gambling with Cantor Gaming.

Current Casinos with Cantor Gaming Sportsbooks:

  • Venetian/Palazzo
  • Tropicana
  • Hard Rock
  • Palms Casino
  • Cosmopolitan
  • M Resort
  • Silverton

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