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Despite Already Having the Tribal Proposal, the Mobile Sports Betting Initiative Will be on the Ballot in California

The battle for who will control the California sports betting market continues as voters across the Golden State will have a chance to vote on two initiatives that will ultimately decide the matter. There will be numerous advertisement and marketing battles throughout the process, as California could be the most lucrative market if legalized.

What are the Initiatives in the Golden State?

One of the propositions is led by mobile sportsbook operators like FanDuel and DraftKings. The tribal casinos lead the other. This means that one would allow bettors to use sports betting platforms to place wagers, while the other would allow retail sports gambling at tribal casinos and the state’s four race tracks.

There is a chance that both could pass and could co-exist with each other if they are not in conflict with each other. Should a conflict arise in the process, the proposition that has the higher yes total on the ballot will take control of the market.

This has certainly been an advertisement and marketing battle as both sides have spent millions to get their messages across to those residing in the Golden State. They have noted the positives of their respective push while taking jabs at each other for the negatives.

Mobile Operators Have a Goal in Mind

In-person tribal wagering was the first initiative to make it to the ballot, as the tribes were the first to reach the required number of signatures. Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber stated that the mobile sports betting initiative will be on the ballot as the 1,096,853 voter signatures have been verified and validated.

The online betting platforms have promised to combat homelessness in California as the measure has been dubbed the California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Act.

A total of about $25 million has been spent by the operators of the $100 million they staked in their political commitments. They have promised to double their contributions if necessary to ensure the referendum’s success.

If voters approve this initiative, the sports betting apps could be used by those who are at least 21 years of age. Under the proposition, 85 percent of the revenue generated will go to homelessness programs, while the other 15 percent will go towards non-participating tribes.

Tribal casinos have voiced their opinion to not allow mobile sportsbooks to enter the state as the tribes have basically established a monopoly.

Only California will have initiatives on the ballot in 2022 to legalize sports betting because it was withdrawn in Florida. The only other states to offer sports betting through an election are Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Maryland, and Virginia.

California Could Be the Most Lucrative Market in the United States

California is the most populous state and is home to approximately 40 million people. New York, which is home to the biggest sports betting market in the United States, is the fourth most populous state in the country.

The Los Angeles Rams recently won the Super Bowl, and California has quite a few neighbors that offer sports betting to its residents. California could easily become the most lucrative market if the operation does become legal.

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