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Explaining the Vendetta Betting System

Betting systems are a dime a dozen these days. Every gambler has one and it’s a sure-fire winner time and again. Or so they say. We do not want to belittle every betting system out there, however, so many are sold as sure-things, it’s easy to become somewhat skeptical. There are good betting systems and strategies after all, but the best ones will make no promises and deliver as many caution flags as greenlights. That’s why it is worth considering the Vendetta Betting System.

V for Vendetta

Like all good betting systems, the Vendetta Betting System is based on a simple idea. No algebra, no calculus, no pouring over spreadsheets. Just simple, old-fashioned sports knowledge with a little common sense sprinkled in. It works like this; good teams don’t like to lose to bad teams and when they do, they take it as a point of pride to beat whatever team they play next. It’s simple, indirect revenge.

When a good team loses a game, the next game they will play harder and win. It’s revenge-based gambling and it works quite a bit. However, there are times to consider this strategy and times to beware of it. This system is simple so most of you have probably already figured it out, but keep reading to learn some ins and outs of the scheme. Soon enough you’ll be seeing Vendetta bets everywhere you look. You can thank us then.  

Consider the Home Team

A good team coming off a loss and then playing their next game at home is usually a great spot for a Vendetta bet. Especially if the loss was on the road. Teams perform better at home as a rule, so a good team coming off a bad loss returning home had better play really well. This is an inspired team after all, eager for revenge, payback, and to prove themselves. And this is true across the board in any sport, always consider a home team coming off a loss.

Beware the Hot Streak

A middle tier team on a hot streak can throw a wrench in the whole Vendetta Betting System so be sure you know what teams you’re wagering on and how they’ve played as of late. Hot streaks happen to every caliber of team, top to bottom, and it’s never a good idea to bet against a team on a hot streak, no matter where they fall in the standings. When considering a Vendetta wager, remember to research both teams recent record and beware the hot team.

Consider Baseball

While the Vendetta Betting Systems works for every sport you can name, it works best in baseball and the MLB. The Major League Baseball season is a long one. 162 games long. That’s pretty much one game, everyday, from April 1 to September 30.

Then, the playoffs begin. Since the MLB breaks their season up into series, the Vendetta Betting System is ideal when good teams are playing bad ones. If the good team loses, they’ll play the same team the very next day. This is a perfect time to employ the Vendetta Betting System.

Many other leagues play many games and have long seasons, however, none come close to baseball’s season. Keeping an eye of the front-runners in the MLB is a great strategy, as they will, eventually, lose to a team they should beat. It’s the Law of Averages. You can’t win them all, especially in baseball. Once they do lose to one of these teams, they’ll be back, better than ever, the very next day.

Beware the Rivalry

Rivalry games are always big games. It doesn’t matter where the teams are in the standings, a rivalry is a rivalry is a rivalry and, therefore, there is already enough motivation to win in this scenario. A good team coming off a loss heading into a rivalry game is ripe for the picking, definitely not ready for revenge. There are many other factors to consider when betting on a rivalry game and, while the last game the teams played is relevant, it’s far from the only thing to consider so it’s best to be avoided.

Consider the Route

If you want to be sure you’re safely playing the Vendetta Betting System, wait on a big upset in a big way. As in, the Number One ranked team lost by 30 kinds of upset. The bigger the route, the better, actually. Take NCAA football, for instance. When a top-ranked team loses by three or four touchdowns versus a mediocre opponent, you can be sure they will run up the score the following week. Who wants to play Alabama after a loss? Or Ohio State? Or Clemson? No one, that’s who, because they are about to get embarrassed no matter where they play. Nothing demands revenge like a blowout.

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