Casino Games

The 6 Most Popular Casino Games

Online casino games are very popular these days (especially playing on our cell phones and tablets) and there are plenty of players from all over the world that are playing games for real money on a daily basis. The games available online are the same as the ones that are available at the land based casinos. Most of the casino games give the casino a winning edge, but there are only a few of them where you will be required to have skills in order to be able to beat the casino odds.

Blackjack OnlineBlackJack – Blackjack is the most popular online casino game. This game can be found at every casino out there and there are quite a few different variations. Beginners need to make sure they are getting the best odds and stick with the classic version of blackjack – Get as close to 21 as possible by not going over, while having a higher total than the dealer.  There are many other versions with side bets that are usually going to take more of your money than they are able to give and only reduce your odds of winning. The Blackjack is a game where it will take you a few minutes to understand the rules and how to play and it can take months or years to master it

Slot MachinesSlots – The slots are by far one of the most popular games at any online casino. The thing that manages to captivate people is that you are given the opportunity to win some life changing jackpots with a rather small bet.  Another reason the slot machines became so successful is that they are very simple to play – select the size of the bets and pull the lever and watch for winning combinations. I prefer the video bonus slots, where you can collect different bonuses and even free spins.

jacks or betterVideo Poker – Video poker is my favorite casino game that is very easy to learn yet still has strategy involved to make sure each hand is played with the best odds. The game is based on 5 card draw poker – players are given the chance to drop any of their cards and receive new ones. The best thing about video poker is that the house edge is one of the smallest that is available at a casino game. In order to play the video poker game you must be familiar with the poker hands ranking (just look at the payouts) and you MUST also know the basic video poker strategy to have a good chance of a winning session. Start with Jacks or Better and then try others like deuces wild and bonus poker.

pokerPoker – Poker is by far the most popular card game (besides blackjack) that you can play at an online gaming sites or land based casino. The casinos may offer some poker games against the dealer (like 3 card poker) but to really play poker against other real players, you need to play at an online poker rooms like the Bovada poker site.  Playing against other real players will increase your chances of winning, since you don’t have to beat the house odds that are most of the time fixed at the poker games available.

casino rouletteRoulette – The roulette is a game that originates from France and it’s always a popular table game at any casino. Compared to the other games at first sight the rules are a little bit more difficult, but you can easily learn them and you can start by placing the most basic bets. Roulette is fun, exciting and always unpredictable.

Learning CrapsCraps – Craps is a dice game played by one or more people against the casino. Most online casinos offer craps, but I think it is more fun in a casino playing with other people.