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Golden Nugget and Genius Sports Reach Partnership

It seems as if Genius Sports is in the news nearly every single week, and that was the case just a few days ago. Genius Sports announced that it has reached a deal with Golden Nugget that will allow it to continue to make moves in the US sports betting industry.

The Golden Nugget Sportsbook is a big winner in this deal as well, as it will now be able to use the data and trading strategies that comes with Genius. Genius Sports is one of the top data and technology suppliers to US sportsbooks, and it’s a company that has a terrific reputation.

It will be Genius Sports that does most of the work in this new partnership, and Golden Nugget will reap the benefits. Live sports betting is the major focus of this deal as it will be the odds and data from Genius that help to establish the betting lines.

Golden Nugget is a company that has not yet been able to become a big name in the sports betting industry, but that could change with deals such as these. Customers that have already signed up for an account at Golden Nugget should begin to see the changes in the odds and data immediately.

This deal couldn’t have come at a better time for Golden Nugget Entertainment, as the 2021 NFL season is just kicking off. Genius provides a data portfolio that includes Next Gen Stats from the NFL, and that has become a huge hit with other operators.

International Sports Included

Genius Sports has a deal in place with the National Football League and NASCAR, but that isn’t all that comes with its data feed. This company has also been able to form partnerships with some of the top international sports and leagues, and this is where Golden Nugget could see a major boost.

Even though it is the US sports betting industry that is seeing massive growth, international sports are playing a key role. Genius has deals in place with the English Premier League, Liga MX, and Euroleague Basketball.

Golden Nugget is hoping that the new data feed will help entice customers to sign up at the site as there is no more guessing when it comes to setting live betting lines.

Genius Has Many Partners

This is not an exclusive deal, and it is actually starting to get hard to keep track of all of the partners that Genius has been able to bring on board. The first major move made by Genius in 2021 came back in April when it was able to replace Sportradar as the official data provider of the NFL.

DraftKings is one of the market share leaders in the US sports betting industry, and it teamed up with Genius Sports just last month. Through that deal, Genius Sports will not only provide the operator with data but will also stream live sporting events throughout the year.

A recent deal with Caesars Entertainment was also announced by Genius, and online casino gaming was included in that deal as well.

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