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Golden State Warriors at Brooklyn Nets Betting Preview

After the four-team trade that was finalized overnight, it all but eliminated the Timberwolves from the D’Angelo Russell sweepstakes. So now we’ll see what Golden State ends up doing with him as the deadline is just one day away. It has been a trying season for the young Warriors in the absence of their star guards. But it is not something that ends their best days, just a quick re-tool year to get ready and tear it up all over again next year.

Brooklyn on the other hand, they’re hard to place based on pre-season expectations. Considering all of the games Kyrie has missed, and due to the fact that KD is not playing this season, whether they have underwhelmed or not is a tough topic to clearly dissect. Caris LeVert suffered a long-term injury for the second season in a row and only just broke out in their last game against Phoenix with 29 points and seven assists. Dinwiddie is now rocking 26, but he hasn’t been the same player of late.


The spread for tonight’s game favors Brooklyn by eight, with their moneyline set at -333. It’s +260 for Golden State.

Warriors looking to make it three in a row

Coming off back-to-back wins, they’ll be trying for their first three-game streak since the end of December, which included a Christmas Day win over the Rockets. They followed that up with a 10-game skid, and dropping 15 of 16 overall. Beating Cleveland and DC has given them some new confidence, with Draymond now looking like his old self out there, the Draymond of two years ago. They have the Lakers and Heat in their next two games after tonight, when the roster could look very different. They need to come prepared.

This is a winnable game for them, as D’Angelo Russell returns to Brooklyn as a visitor for the first time since his departure. If he plays, they have a chance. 

Nets looking to keep a hold of #7 seed

 It does not seem that the Nets have any chance of moving up higher than the sixth seed, given the distance between them and the 76ers who hold that spot now. The best thing they can do for themselves is go on a run and try to get as close to .500 as possible. They need to go on a run to create space from #8 Orlando, who is looking to pass them again. Whoever gets the bottom seed has to deal with the Bucks in the playoffs, which is going to a brutal matchup. So, finish at #7 and see what you can do once you actually get to the postseason.

For tonight, they just need to start strong and limit the three-point shoot. The new-look Warriors have looked identical to the crew than went to five-straight NBA Finals over their last two games.

Nets get it done at home

 The buck stops here for GS. Brooklyn will come prepared, as a monster double-double from Jarrett Allen will lift them to victory.

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