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Hard Rock Rebrands Sportsbook

Hard Rock Sportsbook made a shocking announcement on Monday when it rebranded its sportsbook to Hard Rock Bet. That change happened immediately for sports bettors in Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia, and it will impact bettors in New Jersey later this year.

The reason for this change was because Hard Rock is going to house both online sports betting and online casino gambling under this umbrella. There will also be new betting options offered at Hard Rock Bet, and those are mostly going to come in the parlay category.

The five states that are listed above have not yet legalized online casino gambling, and that’s why it was easy for the sportsbook to change names. When Hard Rock Bet becomes official in New Jersey, that is where customers will be able to find both wagering options on one app.

New Jersey is a massive online gambling market, and this should allow Hard Rock to become a bigger player in the state. Customers in the state where the change has already happened didn’t need to do anything in order to continue wagering.

Brand New Feature Unveiled

Since Hard Rock is now using in-house technology, it allows Hard Rock Bet to offer some unique wagering options. Parlay wagering has become extremely popular with sports bettors, and Hard Rock Bet is now offering a flex parlay.

Putting together a flex parlay starts off in the same way that a traditional parlay does, but there is an additional step that is available to bettors. Instead of needing all of the legs to win in order for the parlay to hit, bettors get to choose how many legs they believe will win.

Bettors are able to make this selection in the interactive bet slip, and the odds and potential payout is adjusted based on the minimum number selected. Traditional wagers are still offered as well, but Hard Rock Bet is offering this feature that no one else in the industry is offering.

There is also a new loyalty rewards program being offered at Hard Rock Bet, and that’s the first time it has come from Hard Rock. All of these steps should allow Hard Rock to become a more popular option with sports bettors, but it’s still not expected to become one of the biggest names.

Coming to Florida?

Hard Rock could become the top online sports betting option in the state of Florida, and it would also be the only possible option. Hard Rock did go live in Florida for a short period of time back in 2021, but it was shut down pretty quickly by the court system.

A recently decision from a group of judges has legalized Florida sports betting again, but bettors in the Sunshine State shouldn’t expect to see Hard Rock Bet anytime soon. Leaders of the Seminole Tribe announced that they are reviewing the court’s decision and won’t go live until they are sure that they can stay open.

Florida would become the largest state in terms of population with online sports betting, and Hard Rock Bet would bring in millions in wagers each month.

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