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Maine is Set on Taking the Restrictions On Gambling Advertisements Seriously Which Was Purposed by the Regulators; Can the State Launch its Market by the Summer

With sports betting on the rise and problem gambling also following the trend, Maine has taken the initiative to purpose the strictest advertisement requirements. The sports betting market launching during the summer months.

Maine to Taking Gaming Ads Seriously


On Tuesday, the Maine Gaming Control Unit proposed new rules in regard to the sports betting operation. Like any operation, there are many supporters and opposers, and some comments were made in regard to the advertisement restrictions.

MGCU Executive Director Milton Champion was genuinely surprised that there weren’t many comments made towards the restrictions. However, this is becoming more prevalent in the sports betting industry because the state’s Commission is taking notes of other markets that have already launched.

New York’s sports betting market is the capital of the industry, and may introduce the iGaming market very soon because Sen. Addabbo is saying that online gaming is inevitable. However, organizations have asked for more funding to create 24/7 hotline numbers, and other programs to combat problem gambling.

Its likely that Maine is taking all the news into consideration as its neighboring states have already launched or getting ready to launch this year. Tim Moore, the head of the Maine Association of Broadcasters, offered the most criticism and questioned the legality of the advertising restrictions. Steven Silver, Chairman of the Maine Gaming Control Board, stated that he predicts some of these restrictions will be relaxed. To his point, one could argue that too many restrictions could deter sportsbook operators from entering the market.

Sportsbooks Have Yet to Offer Any Feedback on the Situation


There is really no word as to how many bookmakers would apply for a license in an effort to gain market access in the state. With the heavy restrictions on ads becoming a possibility, the operators have yet to make any comments about the issue.

According to the rules, each of the four will receive an online skin, barring from any amendments being made. Casinos will have the opportunity to run retail sportsbooks, which is far different from other states. In some states, the gaming tribes don’t want to compete or even work with the reputable sportsbooks.

However, in states like the Empire State, changes may be made. The Tribes in New York will most likely have a seat at the table to join its thriving online sports gambling market.

Could Sports Betting Really Launch by the Summer?


Maine will be missing out on a plethora of sports betting revenue in the first and second quarter of this year with the Super Bowl and March Madness coming up.However, hastening the operation would have resulted in numerous complications as issues would have arisen, eventually.

Governor Janet Mills legalized sports betting last year, and Champion stated that the process of creating rules could extend until 2024. In January, Champion mentioned that the speed of implementation would depend on the amount of feedback received. It is too early to know if any progress can be made in the next few months.

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