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March Madness Time!

March madness remains one of the biggest sporting events each year.  Not just among college sports, it is a better tournament to watch than the NBA.  The popularity of the tournament continues to rise every year due to the bracket pools that many fans enter. These pools allow fans to predict every game of the tournament in hopes of having the best bracket possible. The chances of winning a lot of money through bracket pools have caused many non-sports fans to follow march madness.

35 different schools have won the march madness tournament throughout its history. Of these 35 schools, no team has won the tournament more than UCLA, who has won a total of 11 times. Kentucky currently sits in second place on the titles list with eight. North Carolina and Indiana are the only other schools that have won the tournament at least five times.

Watch NCAA Match Madness Online

Yep, there is an official NCAA March Madness App available for the iphone and android phones (in the google play shop).  I have not used this app yet, but I guess it was available last year for the tourney.  This year I’ll give the app a test drive.

march madness on demand

March Madness Betting

Of course you can bet on March Madness games in Las Vegas and at most betting sites.  One thing that seems to be missing this year are the Bracket Betting promotions.  With the 1st round of the tournament starting March 19 I’m very surprised Bovada does not have one available yet.  I bet they will though.  I did see a bracket promotion at 5dimes that if you pick all 63 teams correctly you win $10,000,000!!  Good luck with that one!

March Madness History

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is held every year in March to determine the best team in college basketball. The event is commonly referred to as march madness because of the unpredictable nature of the tournament. There are constantly upsets and just about any team in the tournament can ultimately win the National Championship. The current parity in college basketball means that should me even more upsets and madness in the tournament in the future.

March Madness was founded in 1939, which was won by Oregon. Tournament only had eight teams involved until 1951 when the tournament expanded to 16 teams. It quickly expanded to 25 teams in 1953, and would not add more teams until 1975. March madness was once again expanded in 1975 to 32 teams. It would undergo a few more alterations until the current bracket format was created in 1985.

The current March Madness tournaments have 68 teams. The final eight teams in the tournament must play an opening round game to make the 64 team bracket. There have been talks every year to expanded march madness even more, but those changes have not yet occurred.


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