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NCAA Football Staying Busy in the News

Here is a look at some of the biggest NCAA Football News:

All Eyes On Urban Meyer

One of the biggest stories in NCAA right now revolves around Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes.  While supporters held a rally for Meyer on Tuesday, he remains on paid administrative leave while he is being investigated for his role in the aftermath of a domestic abuse case with one of his coaches.  Basically, after assistant coach Zach Smith had been accused of committing domestic abuse against his ex-wife Courtney Smith.

The investigation is looking into why Smith was kept on after the incident, whether coach Meyer properly reported the crimes to his superiors.  If he didn’t, that could by trouble for Meyer, as that would mean that he knowingly was keeping someone accused of domestic abuse on his staff. If he had properly reported it to his superiors, it could spell trouble for the Ohio State athletic department for not acting on it.  With the start of the season rapidly approaching, it will be interesting how the football program will respond to this on the field. It will also be worth watching what disciplinary action, if any, is taken on Meyer (could be suspensions or even termination). Regardless, just like the Penn State case from a few years ago, it is sad that the ball was dropped somewhere along the way and that the state of a football program was put ahead of the lives of those affected.

North Carolina Decimated By Suspensions

Thirteen North Carolina players have been suspended for the beginning of the 2018 season for selling equipment, most notably shoes, that they received from the football program.  While there are suspensions on both sides of the ball, one of the most notable suspensions was that of projected starting quarterback, Chazz Surratt. With Surratt suspended for the first four games, there is a good chance that it will be Nathan Elliott under center to start the season.  While this case raises the argument again about whether the players should be compensated or not, the current violation of NCAA rules means that North Carolina will have major personnel downgrades for the first handful of games.

Alabama Quarterback Competition In Full Swing

It must be nice to be Nick Saban.  He has two quarterbacks that most college football programs would salivate over. On the one hand you have Jalen Hurts, who has gone 13-1 in each of his first two seasons and only gave up one interception last year.  On the other hand, you have prized recruit Tua Tagovailoa, who came into the National Championship game after halftime and lit up Georgia’s defense for three touchdowns. One of those touchdowns happened to be the game winner, a 41-yard pass to DeVonta Smith.  For Saban, it comes down to one thing….who gives the best chance to win.

For Jalen Hurts, though, there have been some hard feelings during training camp.  Despite being frustrated with the benching at the National Championship game, he remained at Alabama and is committed to the program.  The rumors and speculation have started to get to him, though, and with many of the signs pointing to Tagovailoa ultimately getting the call those frustrations might only intensify for Hurts.  The one thing he can take solace in is that, just like in the National Championship game, the backup quarterbacks number can be called at any point. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but regardless of the outcome, the Crimson Tide will be tough.

Baylor Denies Bowl Ban

Another case involving domestic abuse is gaining attention again as Baylor is denying a report that came out by the Fort Worth Star Telegram saying that the law firm representing Baylor had recommended a one-year bowl ban. While they did not deny that a bowl ban could be a possibility, Baylor issued a statement saying that basically they have not issued a bowl ban as the NCAA investigation is still ongoing and that it is “premature to speculate as to what the University’s sanctions will be at this point in time.”   This discussion stems from numerous allegations and convictions of sexual and non-sexual assaults by football players of the Baylor Bears. In 2016, school officials knew some of these assaults, including rape, yet no action was taken. This led to a series of firings, including that of head football coach Art Briles. The assaults are still under investigation by the NCAA.

USC Signs Lineman Who Once Punched A Ref

It was not necessarily a good look for the USC Trojans when, on Tuesday night, coach Clay Helton announced the signing of Bernard Schirmer.  The offensive linemen, when he was 19 and playing for Mount San Antonio College, punched a ref and knocked him out. Even though Schirmer was arrested after the game, no formal criminal charges were ever filed.  Still, this can’t be seen as one of USC’s finer signings.

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