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Never Gamble While Under the Influence

There is plenty of advice out there for gamblers. Whether you’re in the sportsbook or at the craps table, there are strategies, guidelines and rules to follow. Everyone has a system. Everyone has a theory. And, to be honest, some of them are pretty good.

This is gambling we are talking about though, so, it’s important to remember, any of the strategies, guidelines, or rules will not work every time. Good advice is fleeting when it comes to any kind of wagering. That said, the best gambling advice you could ever heed is to never gamble while under the influence.

This may sound simple but, if you want to be a serious gambler, you can not be under the influence of any drug while gambling. It’s an odd notion to entertain as drinking and gambling go hand in hand. Card games, casinos, and sportsbooks all come with a bar at the ready. However, it’s important to remember, that the effects of drugs and alcohol on a person’s behavior always equal terrible gambling behavior.

Basically, if you are drinking while gambling, you are playing to lose. To be a serious gambler, you must take it seriously and the best way to play to win is to pay sober. Remember to consider these five facts before taking your next drink while laying your next bet.

Impulsive Behavior

The biggest side effect of drinking is impulsive behavior and nothing could be wo

se when gambling. Successful gambling takes stamina and discipline or the exact opposite of impulsivity. It doesn’t take much research to see this playout, just stay sober at your next weekly poker game or upcoming fantasy draft. In every gambling scenario, you will see in real time, people drinking making worse and worse moves as the game continues on. This is what alcohol does to your behavior. It has been studied, researched, and lectured on. The more you drink, the more impulsive you are.

If you had a strategy you were going to stick to, no matter what; it’ll go out the window after a few rounds. If you have rules you can’t break, you will. If you’ve set limits to how much you can spend, you’ll be back to the ATM in no time. Gambling and winning is fun. Gambling and losing is depressing. Go with the former and give yourself the best chance to have fun and win some money, leave the alcohol alone when gambling.


Another behavior spurred on by alcohol is simple resignation. You’ve been losing at the blackjack table and told yourself you’d leave at a certain point. You’ve set a limit for yourself and can’t go past it. Then the alcohol takes over and suggests – what’s the point? You’ve come this far and lost this much, you may as well see it through and lose it all.

This will always become a self-fulfilling prophecy and you’ll be kicking yourself the next day once you’ve sobered up. Resignation is not an attribute of a successful gambler. In order to be a successful gambler it is just as important to cut your losses as well as win your winnings. Getting out when you can or simply just walking away from a cold table is the best way to stay ahead. You can’t lose if you don’t play, and you won’t quit if you’ve been drinking.


While euphoria is everyone’s favorite side effect of alcohol, it is the worst for gambling. If you are winning, you’re happy. If you are losing, you’re happy. Anyway you cut it, it’s all fine and dandy. Suddenly, gambling away everything is no longer that big of a deal. There are no more ramifications for your actions. For obvious reasons, this is a terrible state to gamble in. You need your wits keen if you are going to be successful while doing any type of wagering.

That’s Why Booze is Free

It has been proven time and again that booze and gambling don’t mix. You are sure to lose the more you drink. And you need no stronger proof than a casino offering free drinks while you play. The industry standard for years in every casino in Las Vegas, as well as every riverboat and Indian reservation, was – as long as you play, you can drink.

Considering the price of alcohol and all the liabilities and overhead that come with selling booze, how could this be a profitable idea? Well, for the above-stated reason. Today, it’s hard to find these deals as there have been regulations and customer protections seeping into the gambling industry for some time. However, there was a time where this was commonplace, which is proof positive enough gambling under the influence is a terrible idea.

Just Having Fun

Gambling for fun is fine. You are allowed and often encouraged to do just that. A night out with friends with dinner and drinks and a stop at the casino is fun after all. Just be sure you know, if you are gambling for fun, you are not going to win. Because if you drink while you are gambling, you are going to lose.

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