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NFL Week 1 Set to Kick Off for 2023

Thursday Night will start the 2023 National Football League. There is already drama, as Travis Kelce was injured in practice earlier this week, and his status is no question.

That’s weekly in the National Football League, trying to figure out who is in and who is out. As the National Football League season kicks off, we wanted to give our favorite bets for the opening weekend:

Detroit Lions +5 at Kansas City Chiefs; 53.5

The Travis Kelce news has freaked people out. This spread got all the way down from a touchdown to 4.5 points. First, we feel he will play in this game. Second, even if he does not, the Chiefs are still the better team. Kansas City at home, on the night they raise their banner? Do not overthink this one.

Jacksonville Jaguars -5 at Indianapolis Colts; 45.5

The Colts are going to be some kind of really bad at football this season. We are going to get an up close and personal look at their ineptitude on the field here. Look for Jacksonville to come out strong and take down the Colts despite the game being in Indianapolis.

Los Angeles Rams +5.5 at Seattle Seahawks; 45.5

No Cooper Kupp is a big-time problem for the Rams. How are they going to keep up? The team is already pretty young and inexperienced. They will need a lot of Cam Akers, and even that is not enough. Seattle wins by more than a touchdown here.

Green Bay Packers +1 at Chicago Bears; 41.5

There is a ton of talk about both quarterbacks. The difference here is one is starting his third year of playing while the other is getting his first start. Look for Justin Fields to improve upon his passing numbers this season and turn into a full-service quarterback. The Bears should win this game at home and go OVER the total.

Buffalo Bills -2.5 at New York Jets; 46.5

Will be on total fade of Aaron Rodgers until further notice. He was not having a strong season with the Packers a season ago. It was not his teammates or their scheme. It was a 39-year-old trying to play a young man’s game. Look for much of the game in New York, especially against a talented Buffalo team.

Others in Consideration

Miami Dolphins +3 at Los Angeles Chargers; 51.5

This game is going to be a shootout. Taking the over would be the choice here. Neither team will stop the offenses on the field. Do not be surprised if both teams get into the 30s here in the later afternoon window of action.

Arizona Cardinals +7 at Washington Commanders; 38.5

If we are going to commit to the fact that Arizona will not win a game all season, this is a great chance to take Washington. But we found five games we liked better. Washington should win and win easily on Sunday!

Cincinnati Bengals -2.5 at Cleveland Browns; 48.5

The Battle of Ohio. Many are loving the fact that Joe Burrow is back in action. On the other side of that, will he be healthy?

We are going with the NO portion here and playing a moneyline bet on the Cleveland Browns.

Rest of NFL Slate for Week 1:

  • Houston Texans +10 at Baltimore Ravens; 43.5
  • Carolina Panthers +3.5 at Atlanta Falcons; 39.5
  • San Francisco 49ers -2.5 at Pittsburgh Steelers; 41.5
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6 at Minnesota Vikings; 45.5
  • Tennessee Titans +3 at New Orleans Saints; 41.5
  • Las Vegas Raiders +3.5 at Denver Broncos; 43.5
  • Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots; 45.5
  • Dallas Cowboys -3.5 at New York Giants; 46.5

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