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Slowing Down at the Slot Machines May Increase Your Odds of Winning

The best tip you can ever receive this month or any other is to simply to slow down. This is true in all gambling, but when you are playing the slots, it is critical. The worst thing you can do in any casino, online or off, is play too fast for too long. This is especially true when playing the slots, where your bankroll will often waste away the faster you play. Slowing down your play is a way to not only conserve your precious bankroll and ride the wave a bit longer, but also to allow you the time to make better decisions. Is it time to walk away? Increase your amount? Decrease it? Despite a bum rap from many gamblers, slots pay out, and you can win while playing them. However, just like every other game on the casino floor, you need to take your time and be patient. Players get themselves in plenty of trouble by playing too fast no matter the game, and slots is no different.

First, we’ll start with a very simple example. If you spend $100 on a 90% payback machine, in theory, you should be able to get back $90. Of course, this is part of the game, and your slots session might not pan out that way. However, over some time, for every $100 spent on that machine, it will average a return of about $90. Some will win more. Some will win less. In order for you to win at that machine, you’ll need to be there at the right time, playing smart. That said, following with this example, once you’ve won that $90 back and start up again through, you would only get 90% of that $90 back. This will leave you looking at only $72 left and this will continue as you play along, on and on until your money is gone. If you don’t find that sweet spot that is paying out more than it isn’t, you’re stuck on the bad side of that 90% return. There are ways to break out of this though.

The first step is to be sure you are playing with cash and not credits. It makes a huge difference, and many people don’t realize they have the option. Simply look at the credit meter on the slot machine and just change it from credits to cash. Yes, some slot machines don’t allow you to do this, and you shouldn’t be playing those slots. For instance, on a penny slot machine, once you insert a $20 bill and it shows you have 2000 credits, simply change that to it showing the cash value of $20 instead. Psychologically speaking, cash has a much more powerful meaning to your mentality than video credits do. Credits can be deceiving, whereas money is very real. Credits have no value and money does, and this is why this is so important. The best way to be on the right side of this equation is to simply take it slow.

This is more than just a money management tip for slot players. This is a full-on strategy that is vital to any success at a slot machine. Slow down your play and the first step to make to be sure you are doing so is to look for a speed button. Sometimes it will be found on the game menu screen on games like keno and some slots. Sometimes it will be on the dashboard. The second step you should take is to never use the “slam button.” Sometimes these buttons go by different names. “Fast Play” or “Speed Button” are also popular but it is pretty easy to see the meaning. The slam button is hitting the spin button to add credits quickly sending it into a turbo mode. Instead of using this option, play it slow and let your cash add up the old fashioned way. Spend some time with each of your wins or jackpots.

Speeding everything up at the push of a button does not allow you to do this and only hurts your odds at a payout. Play your slot machine one pull at a time to slow down the incredible lightning speed of your slot play. During a bonus round, watch what the line pays. Enjoy the graphics and the music and allow the game to play through on its own rather than trying to speed it up. This way you can make some decisions and get a feel for your slots session. Are things going well? Are you ahead of that 90%? Is it time to walk away?

There are plenty of ways to slow it down. Take a win and switch games. Cash it out more often. Order a drink and just take breaks. Doing all of these things will slow down your play and stretch your bankroll giving you the time you need to consider all of your options. If you’re a regular slot player, give the video poker a shot. You have to make decisions so that alone will slow down your play but you need time to make the right decisions.

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