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Sports World Could Return To Normal By July Or August

If you ever take a look at the odds on a particular event, you can usually get a glimpse of the story before it’s ever told. Most recently, we saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have soaring odds of -350 (at its height) to land Tom Brady when he said he wouldn’t return to the New England Patriots.

In a new world without athletic competition, odds are being placed on the most random of outcomes. However, we can see this latest betting opportunity as a chance to realistically see when these professional sports leagues will return to action; both BetOnline and Bovada came out with odds on just that.

While some of the date ranges are a bit different, it definitely gives us an idea of which direction we’re heading in.

Let’s start with the sport that was about to start up later this week, MLB. Bovada only has odds (Yes: even / No: -140) on whether America’s favorite pastime will begin before July 3, 2020. However, BetOnline took it much further. They have the following options:

MLB will play by:

  • June 1 (Yes: +300/No: -500)
  • July 1 (Yes: +145/No: -185)
  • Aug. 1 (Yes: -140/No: +100)

Given these drastic odds, it’s safe to say that MLB won’t get going until Aug. 1, possibly even a few weeks before that. Since MLB hasn’t started their season yet, they can get creative in a number of ways to make sure they get around 100 games played before the playoffs.

Different Situations

The NBA and NHL are a bit more complex situations, considering each team in those leagues has played around 60 games. There have been talks of possibly ending the regular season right where it is, and just pushing forward with the playoffs. Or, even canceling the seasons altogether.

Bovada had odds on the NBA (Yes: +115/No: -155) returning by July 3, and the NHL (Yes: +110/No: -150) returning before July 1. The following betting options are available on BetOnline:

NBA will play by:

  • June 1 (Yes: +325/No: -550)
  • July 1 (Yes: +115/No: -155)
  • Aug. 1 (Yes: -170/No: +130)

NHL will play by:

  • June 1 (Yes: +300/No: -500)
  • July 1 (Yes: +110/No: -150)
  • Aug. 1 (Yes: -160/No: +120)

It might be a little easier for the NBA to start games first, considering the NHL could have a problem with the ice surface in the hotter months. There is a betting option for the NHL to cancel its season (+120), and that could wind up being a profitable endeavor.

As for the NFL, everything should be just fine. The first game will be on Sept. 10, and the first full-slate Sunday will be on Sept. 13. BetOnline didn’t have any wagering options for the NFL at the time this article was written.

However, Bovada has odds (Yes: -220/No: +155) on whether the NFL will start the season on or before Sept. 13. The “yes” bet is looking like a sure thing at this point.

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