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The Art of Multi-Tabling in Online Poker

The popularity of poker has been on the raise with no signs of slowing down and it’s been going on for a few decades now. Local games, big pot tournaments, and bracelet events see more and more interest and action every year. And, of course, the internet poker rooms are exploding.

As with everything, the internet brings a new dynamic to the game. The anonymity of playing online can change how the game is played completely. While many of the classic strategies still apply, there’s a new set of rules governing the poker play online. One of these new strategies is multi-tabling and it’s quickly becoming a skill you must have for success in online poker.

What is Multi-Tabling?

It’s easy to see, multi-tabling is aptly named. Simply put, the theory goes, play in as many games as you can at once in order to win as much as you can. If you are a good enough poker player, playing multiple tables will increase your odds of winning more money. When you’re alone on a computer, you can open as many windows you want. Joining as many poker games as you want. So, go forth and prosper.

You can play lower stake games thereby not risking as much but still win big sums. Of course, this takes an above average poker player to pull off. After all, multiple tables limits your time which can cause poor decisions and silly mistakes. There is an art to multi-tabling that doesn’t come overnight. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of ways to improve your multi-tabling play. Follow these ideas to better your chances every time you multi-table.

Be Sure to Start Small

As with anything, it’s best to start small and work your way up and this goes double for multi-tabling online poker. Obviously, if you are new to online poker, multi-tabling is not a viable option yet. Before you began playing multiple tables, you need to master playing just one. When playing more tables, you’ll be playing more hands and that means you will be making more decisions more often.

Having to make multiple decisions in multiple pots will overwhelm any novice. Start small and start slow. If you’re having problems keeping up with one table, how do you expect to keep up with two or more? Once you’re comfortable on one table, then you can test the waters in two. If you’re not ready, you’ll know soon enough. Get back down to one table and hone your online skills even more.

Be Picky with Tables

Once you’ve begun playing five or more tables, things can change quickly. Since you are making decisions every few seconds, it can be very easy to get complacent when selecting tables and this is a mistake. Just because you’re playing more tables doesn’t mean you still can’t be picky. If one table has an overly aggressive player you don’t like, just leave. If another table is lagging too long, get out. You have plenty of tables going. Finding the right tables to play is just as important as finding the right number of tables to play.


Once you’ve graduated to multiple tables, the hands and the pots will start moving much quicker. The trap multi-tabling sets for players is a matter of bad timing. Decisions will start to pile up and, when they do, you need to know all of your tables well enough to prioritize the decision-making process. You should be an alert enough player to know when a tough spot is coming and then prioritize accordingly. A good multi-tabling player can setup on one table while simultaneously playing out a completely different hand on another.

Take Notes

Once you are multi-tabling, you will run into many more players, obviously. You should use this to your advantage. Keeping track of players will only help you down the road. Short and sweet notes will raise your poker game considerably while multi-tabling. Note their name, where they sit, are they aggressive, are they cheap, any bit of info you can use the next time you run into them. And, as we all know, you will run into them again. There’s nothing worse than remembering a player after it’s too late and they burned you again. Multi-tabling gives you the opportunity to learn more about your competition so be sure to take advantage.

Set Your Limits

Don’t play more tables than you are comfortable with. It’s a simple rule but will take some serious self-control and discipline to follow. You really have to check your ego at the door when you begin multi-tabling. You have to remember, you’re multi-tabling in order to increase your profits and for no other reason. You have nothing to prove to anyone. The only thing that matters is your money. If you are losing, it’s time to back off. If you are winning, stick to it.

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