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Feel Good Story of the Week

A lucky sports gambler from Nevada picked all 15 NFL winners in Week 2 to turn a measly $5 wager into a not-so-measly $84,565 payout. According to William Hill US, the big winner came in on the sportsbook operator’s Nevada Pro Football Progressive Jackpot via a weekly Progressive Wager Card. The rules of the contest include picking games straight-up winners, and not picks against the spread. But what about that tie? ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported the tie actually counted as a win for this particular wager. That’s a nice wager and a nice payout.

SuperBook Expanding Its Reach

Last Wednesday, SuperBook, the world-famous sportsbook located in the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas, announced the big news that it will be expanding its gaming platform all across the country. With the legalization of sports gambling coming to more and more states what seems like each month, Westgate Resorts and Paragon Gaming believe this will give gaming regulators a trusted and experienced partner with which to work alongside.

Their announcement comes only one day after the bigtime industry leader, William Hill US, announced a partnership of their very own, with the Vegas Golden Knights. Per SuperBook’s press release: “this is the natural next step in the evolution of our industry.” SuperBook Executive Vice President of Race & Sports Book Operations Jay Kornegay, “We have maintained the highest levels of technology and service in a highly-regulated industry. We have written the playbook, and now we will put it in action across the national field.

“We are excited to know that our investment in the SuperBook has been extremely successful, and this venture is now prepared to expand nationwide,”

said David Siegel, Westgate Resorts Founder, President and CEO.

“We look forward to the future success of our SuperBook brand at locations across the nation as it continues to grow and set new standards for the sports betting landscape.”

No specifics as to where the next stop will be but something tells me you’ll be seeing the a Superbook near you very soon.

Place Your Bets on Josh Gordon

The Cleveland Browns chapter of the Josh Gordon saga has finally come to a close as the Browns sent Gordon packing to the New England Patriots. This is classic Patriots behavior, by the way. They’ve been picking up released troubled players or making trades for them for years now and only had to give up a 5th round pick to secure Gordon. So now the obvious next two questions loom large upon his arrival in Foxboro. One: Will Josh Gordon be suspended during the 2018 regular season? And two: How many games will Josh Gordon play for the Patriots in 2018.

And sports betting oddsmakers were quick to just all over this one by setting some future/prop action up for both questions. The “Will Josh Gordon be suspended during the 2018 regular season” question gives us a Yes Option at +350 and a No option at -600. It’s pretty obvious what they think will have here. The “How many games will Josh Gordon play for the Patriots in 2018” is an over/under wager set at 9.5 Games with the over paying +175 and the under paying -250. Don’t forget we are already in Week 3 when you bet this.

Here’s a little insider information for you before betting this sweet over/under, if Gordon is active for fewer than 10 games this season, the Patriots will receive a late-round draft pick from the Browns. That pick has been confirmed to be a seventh rounder. However, since it is pretty obvious the oddsmakers don’t think it’s likely that Gordon will reach that 10-game threshold as the -250 line on the under implies the see a 74% chance that Gordon plays nine or fewer games for the Pats this year, don’t put it past the Patriots to not grab every draft pick they can, no matter how late.

Speaking of Overs

We have our highest over/under total in about five years as the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers game is set to the tune of 56.5. The last time we had a total this large was in 2013 when Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos faced Michael Vick’s Philadelphia Eagles at 57.5.

No doubt it’s been the hot start on the Chiefs which has triggered this total as they have been absolutely on fire averaging 7.4 yards per play with quarterback Patrick Mahomes already passing for 10 touchdowns. The total is by far the highest of the 2018 season and unprecedented for a game this early in the year. These are two quality teams and that is a big number but I would not be surprised to see it bet up even higher as it began at 55 in most Vegas sportsbooks.

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