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Would it Make Sense for the New York Jets to Return Home to the Empire State?

The New York Jets have been on the front page of several publications as the Zach Wilson hype train may be coming to an end as Mike White has proven that he could lead a team. However, Sen. Joe Addabbo made a point regarding a different situation.

Could the Jets Return Home One Day?

New York technically has three teams that represent the state; however, two play at Metlife, which is located in East Rutherford. East Rutherford has been the Jets’ home since 1984, but they spent their first 24 seasons in New York.

Before moving to Shea Stadium for the next 20 seasons, the Jets played at the Polo Grounds from 1960 to 1963. It has a tradition where most New York Yankees fans supported the Giants, while the Mets fan base supported the Jets.

Sen. Addabbo thinks it’s time to return home as the only true Empire State is based in Buffalo. The idea, however, is more complicated than just putting pen to paper, as there is more than just relocating to another venue.

Both teams could opt out of their lease clause in 2025 if both give at least a 12-month notice of their departure. Still, it would be considered a long shot as it’s hard to build a stadium that could seat 70,000 plus fans over a short period.

Why Is The Move Considered to be a Longshot?

As NYCFC prepares to build a 25,000-seat stadium in Willets Point by 2027, Addabbo wants officials to think bigger as he wants the Jets to be in a stadium in Queens. There will be 2,500 affordable housing units, a hotel, and a soccer stadium built on 61 acres in Willets Point, as the projections show.

The Senator has been in the news a lot as of late, as the next legislative session will be here in no time. He has been an advocate for bringing an iGaming bill to the Empire State, as the state is already home to the biggest sports betting market in the nation.

Although the road may be tough at the moment, the Senator believes that bringing the Jets to New York would bring the sports betting capital to even greater heights. He stated;

“Imagine if New Yorkers actually got to bet an actual New York football club called the New York Jets,…I think it’s that much more of an enticing business that we would have for online sports betting.”

Will the Tax Rate Eventually Change?

Currently, the tax rate based on revenue is set at 51 percent, which is tied with New Hampshire as the highest in the nation. Caesars CEO Tom Reeg was the latest to challenge the tax rate, as many sportsbooks have found it hard to profit in New York.

This will most likely be discussed during the next legislative session. Bringing more sportsbooks could bring the tax rate down over time, but officials don’t have the revenue to take a major hit as it goes to educational and youth programs.

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