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club wpt

Club WPT Review

Club WPT claims is one of the best sites to play online poker without putting your money at stake. It offers a 100% legal gaming experience, by which you can earn while entertaining yourself. Started in 2007, Club WPT is associated with the World Poker Tour (WPT), and by winning games on the site you can get an entry to WPT tournaments.  This site is a platform for playing, enjoying and discussing poker games.

ClubWPT is a poker subscription site (aka poker membership site) where you pay a small monthly fee and can in plenty of real cash and prizes.  This is the safest option for US poker players right now.

Game variety

Club WPT offers different kinds of tournaments and games. Of them, Hold’em tournaments and Omaha tournaments are conducted on a daily basis throughout the week. Every month, the site conducts other poker tournaments too. The Big Silk Tournament gives you an opportunity to play and win a poker table for your home. Apart from that, other prize tournaments are Club Boot Camp, Perfect 10, Leaderboard Championship, Tag Tuesdays and $200 Nooner. Cash tournaments conducted by the site give you a chance to win between $100 and $10,000 monthly.

Software and graphics

Club WPT site is a well-designed site, which makes navigation through it extremely easy. Even though the site has a different gaming experience from most other sites in the industry, it is very easy to get a hang of it. The major attraction of the site is the no-deposit offer, through which anyone can play and enjoy poker without spending a penny.

Bonuses, promotions and banking

Club WPT promotional deals are frequently updated. Each month, they offer a deal that gives you a chance to win prize money or gifts up to $100,000. Around 5000 tournaments are conducted every month by Club WPT offering a variety of prizes and deals.

As Club WPT is not a gambling site, the prize money is awarded in the form of sweepstakes. Players can enjoy the game of poker without shelling out money from their pocket. There is no risk involved. For participating in poker games through this site, you need to gain tournament points (TPs). All registered members will start playing the game of poker with an initial TP level of 500. This is non-transferable and cannot be cashed out. If you have the required number of points, you can enter the poker tournaments and win as many prizes as you are able to. You of course also stand the chance to enter World Poker Tour tournaments and play with some of the best players in the world. You can increase your TPs as you go on winning games.

club wpt review

VIP system

VIP members of the site can enjoy privileges such as access to discounts, interviews and shows on WPT, free ringtones and subscriptions to poker magazines. They can get an entry into World Poker Tour tournaments too. VIP members can take part in any number of poker tournaments worth $100,000 monthly. VIP members of the site can get to know a lot about the world of poker and read exclusive interviews with many popular gaming experts.


Club WPT offers customer support to all players from across the globe. If players want to know more about tournaments, playing poker, earning more TPs and clear any doubts regarding Club WPT membership, they can easily contact the site. The excellent support system offers help 24×7 through live chat. Players can also mail or call up the customer support staff of the site. A detailed FAQ page is provided on the site, which will answer most of your basic queries.

Club WPT is a great place for playing poker games without any threat of legal issues. The site follows all the rules and regulations set by law and promotes fair play. The key aim of the site is to make poker popular and not to just provide a platform for gambling. As it does not require any initial deposit, this site is one of the best bets if you want to learn how to play poker.

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