Online Casino Scams

Thanks to the large amount of cash to be made in the online casino industry, there are a lot of unscrupulous casino owners out there who are willing to cheat to make a profit. While online casinos scams are not happening as often a you think, there are certainly enough thieves for players to be especially careful when choosing to deposit at a new casino.

Types of Casino Scams

With bonus promotions, promises of winning big and offers of free money, it’s no surprise that unscrupulous casino owners take advantage of this. Some of the most common types of casino scams are listed here:

  • Slow or no Payouts – One of the most obvious and frustrating of all the online casino scams is when casinos refuse to honor your winnings. Sometimes there is a legitimate, even though it’s annoying, reason. Some casinos do require you to confirm your identity before cashing out, however if players haven’t researched the withdrawal option before depositing there is always the nasty surprise that the only option available is inconvenient, or time consuming like a mailed check. However the worst casinos will delay payouts, possibly because of limited funds. They may even outright deny payouts, for any number of excuses.  A perfect example of slow/no payouts is, which is still open.
  • Confusing or Hidden Terms – Unfortunately many casinos count on advertising to draw players in. Free bonus money, promotions and huge tournament pots. But a good casino will outline exactly the payout structures and what play-through (rollover) requirements and gaming requirements are required for players. Bad casinos will leave vague wording and promises they can easily weasel out of. Customer service should be able to give you exact answers to your questions on their terms and conditions. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Lying about Licensing – This is especially heinous, as many players will consider licensing as a mark of whether or not the casino is where they are located. Some jurisdictions have very high standards and are well known for their requirements. However, other jurisdictions are known for lax or uninterested laws that only encourage illegal behavior.
  • Bad Customer Service – While a low standard of customer service doesn’t necessarily mean that a casino has gone rogue or is scamming players it certainly makes it an unpleasant place to play. If you’re depositing your hard earned money, you deserve prompt and polite answers to your questions. Rogue casinos more often than not are unhelpful and even rude at times. And that is if you even get a response at all. Deleting accounts and refusing to respond to customers questions and complaints is the sign of a casino that does not value their customers.
  • Crooked Software – This can be one of the most difficult to detect. Casual players won’t notice, however with attention familiar players will see a trend. Oftentimes players who have had a streak of bad luck may complain that the software is rigged too strongly in the house’s favor. But if players find a number of reviews that complain about the odds, it’s worth paying extra careful attention.

Unfortunately online casino scams are plentiful and have the potential to earn millions of dollars. However, being online makes it much easier for players to share the information they have found. GamblingUSA is keeping track of player complaints as well as confirmed rogue casinos and blacklisted poker sites. But the best way to avoid getting caught in a scam is to spend your time researching the casino, googling reviews, and carefully reading ALL the information on the casino’s website.

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