Blacklisted Poker Sites with Scams and Scandals

Naturally technical and engineering errors do happen. Servers experience glitches and technicians have to take them down for maintenance periodically. Rogue poker sites routinely delay or cheat players out of the payments that are rightfully theirs and some have gone so far as to rip off their affiliates. Players are always urged to play in a secure online environment to avoid these types of scams.

Unfortunately the Cereus network experienced some high profile cases that involved a pair of prominent blacklisted poker rooms. Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker both had problems with super users and allegations of cheating. Apparently the Justice Department even got involved and the sites allegedly failed to pay players the balances that were due. These kinds of stories are typical of some of the worst types of rogue poker sites.

[table caption=”Blacklisted Sites” width=”650″ colwidth=”120|100|100|330″ colalign=”center|center|left”] Site,URL,Status,Notes
Lock Poker,,Still Operating,Still taking new deposits but have not paid out players in 6+ months
SuperWins,,Still Operating,Lock Poker opened this “new” skin to fool new players into believing it’s not Lock Poker and to try to separate from the bad Lock Poker reputation
Oddsmaker/OddsPoker,,Still Operating,The company behind oddsmaker has been involved in numerous scandals. Now on the Merge network – beware
Absolute Poker,,Closed,Superuser/cheating scandal. 4/15/2011 the DOJ shut them down and players have never been paid.
UB/Ultimate Bet,,Closed,Superuser/cheating scandal. 4/15/2011 the DOJ shut them down and players have never been paid.
Luck3 Poker,,Closed,Shut down in June 2010 when kicked off the Cake network. Still owes players and marketing affiliates.
Pokers DNA,,Closed,Shut down and was part of the FutureBet scam sites.


Some poorly run sites have made it onto a number of blacklists as well, though it’s honestly hard to say if these sites were genuinely rogue poker sites or just badly mismanaged. For instance Revolution Gaming ran Luck3 Poker and Luck3 Casino, which never really responded to a number of player emails. Customer service is not responsive and the poker room was technically closed.

Since the casino there is still operating and taking in funds its genuinely hard to tell if the site is just mismanaged or not. Regardless, players are urged to stay away since no one can cash out. Revolution Gaming also ran into some trouble over the Lock Poker affiliate program. They failed to honor player promotion and set some unreasonable terms on various player promotions. Some accused them of predatory treatment of their affiliates.

Many of the worst sites ended up getting closed down. Sites like Pokers DNA ended up getting taken down and replaced with squatters. Dukes Palace and several other Game Tech Solutions sites were simply closed down. While this has certainly made the world of online poker safer, players are always urged to do their research like we have with our poker site reviews.

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