Gambling Deposit Methods

gambling depositsDue to the legislation from October 2006 and to be more exact the gambling bill (UIEGA) that was passed back then, many online gambling websites (this includes online casinos, poker rooms and sports books) are no longer accepting players from United States to gamble real money online. Recently some e-wallet companies have also stopped being a deposit method for this. So payment methods like Moneybookers, Skrill and Neteller are currently no longer accepting any new customers from United States. However in the same time, there are still a decent number of 3rd party online deposit methods that are still available for US residents out there.

Below you are going to find a list with the US deposit methods that are still available for the USA residents. You can freely use these methods with absolutely no problem.

Before you will actually make a deposit to an online casino or online poker room, you must be aware that simply because that payment method is available does not necessary means that the transaction will be accepted by the online gambling website. This means that in case you plan to make a deposit and you select a certain payment method, it’s always best that you contact the online casino where you want to make the payment, before you will actually do it. This way you can be sure that the transaction will be cleared with absolutely no problems.

Credit Cards – Most online gambling websites out there that still accept credit cards from players from United States, sometimes you can get your transaction declined. This is why we suggest that the moment you have money on your credit card and decide to use it for deposit, you must always have a plan B, which means that you will have to use those credit cards to fund a ewallet account, and afterwards you will be able to make the deposit.

Debit Cards – right now most US bank debit cards have a very high decline rate.  It’s worth trying as the worst thing that will happen is that your transaction will be denied and not go through.

Prepaid Credit Cards – An example is a visa gift card that you can purchase with a set dollar amount on it.  For example you can purchase a $200 visa gift card and use that as a deposit.  I have also seen these available at drug stores and even grocery stores in amounts of $50 & $100.

Money Transfer – Western Union & MoneyGram is an effectively fast and cheap way to transfer money.

Bank Wire – Bank wires are a deposit option for larger amounts.

Once you sign up for an online gambling website, you will be able to deposit money even if you are an US resident by using the payment methods presented above. Right now there are many online gambling websites that are still able to accept players or gamblers thanks to these payment methods.

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