5Dimes Sportsbook Review

5Dimes is a betting site that features lottery, poker, casinos, racebook as well as other skill games. This site was created in the year 1998, in San Jose, Costa Rica and has gained a lot of popularity since then. There are several reasons to be associated to this Costa Rican sportsbook and we will try to explain those reasons in this review.

To begin with, the sportsbook at 5Dimes is widely known for the number of betting options available there. Their webpage claims to have more than 1000 wagering options for all kinds of players. They would often introduce betting lines that are unacceptable by the other sportbooks creating great value for the player at 5Dimes. This book offers many of the typical betting games such as NBA, NFL, MLB and soccer. On top of these, 5Dimes offers betting options such as Formula 1 racing, high school football, smaller soccer leagues as well as European basketball. They carry a huge variety of sporting events and they also have some other games – such as betting lines in baseball and point spreads in tennis. The players can equip themselves with a lot of information on the different sports by using 5Dimes “hottest lines” and the odds. They also list all the scores of all the prime time USA events. In general, NCAA football and NFL are the two most popular betting seasons at 5Dimes.

5dimes Bonus
As far as the payouts and bonuses are concerned, the newer sportsbook customers can get a 50% free play which is up to $200 or they can choose to give an extra 25% free play which is up to $400. On the other hand, the existing customers can get a free play up to $500 at the time of reloading their account.

5dimes.eu sportsbook

5Dimes Review
The racebook permits betting on as many as 165 tracks from all across the world. This is much bigger than the other racebooks existing today. 5Dimes gives all the necessary information such as the show, superfecta bets and the trifecta bets. The site will pay all the track odds when you win and with an enhanced program, the players can get an extra 10% on the total winnings.

Coming to the casinos, there isn’t much variety for the players. There are about four separate casinos where players can bet in accordance to their preferences. There is a “Bonus casino” that features all the usual casino games and with the help of the independent audit, it offers the best payout rate as compared to the other casinos of the same stature. Then there is the “Jackpot casino” which features a wide selection of slot games. These slot games are progressive and are similar to the ones found in Las Vegas. The “Cash Back casino” offers impressive cash back of almost 25% off the losses and hence the players can customize their bets. The last casino called the “Matchplay casino” offers up to 50% match on the first deposit and the newer customers get back up to 33%.

There is a lottery room where the players can get pick 3 or 4 lotteries. This is the section where the players get the most payouts. 5Dimes has exotic poker rooms for all the poker enthusiasts. There are two kinds of poker rooms called the “3D poker room” and the “Flash poker room”. The 3D version provides a customized poker game and the bonus offers are the same as offered in the other casino games.

There is an effective support team at 5Dimes that can help you deposit funds, assist with wagers, help you collect winnings as well as answer your concerns. Every gambling area within 5Dimes has it’s own dedicated support team to ensure highest customer satisfaction. As you can tell, 5Dimes is much more than a Sportsbook.

Deposit Options
Bitcoin, Credit Card and Person to Person are the easiest ways for deposits and payouts.  Currently bitcoin payouts are free and have a low $25 min deposit.

If you are a US gambler who enjoys sports betting, you should start making some bets at 5Dimes!

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