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Lock Poker is Operating in Full Scam Mode

UPDATE – April 17, 2015 Lock Poker has gone black and they are gone, still owing players over a million dollars in payout requests.

It’s official – Lock poker is a scam, also known as a scamola.  There are virtually no positive reviews to find on There are many people who have fallen victim to Lock Poker and their fraudulent claims to withdraw their money.  Currently Lock Poker owes well over $945,000 and most players have been waiting over 6+ months with nothing but hope they will get paid, but no payments will be coming in the foreseeable future.

lock poker stealing money
Only deposit at Lock Poker if you don’t like your money

Lock Poker 2.0 is the newest poker platform that this company released in 2013.  Signing up as a new member, they claim that you are able to have your sign-up deposit matched at 200% up to $6,000. Not only do offer this new member sign-up bonus, there are several Freeroll and Guarantee Tournaments offered to their members.

All these claims by Lock Poker are unmatched and it makes them seem like the ultimate online poker room. That would be ideal if they were true. The scam part about these claims is the follow-through. Most specifically, the lack of follow-through. New members are able to sign up and make their deposits to cash flow their bankroll. Many members participate and earn real winnings from the poker games, but are unable to withdraw the funds. Other victims fall prey to the player poaching attempts that Lock Poker made. Promising rakebacks to players who switched to play there ended up losing out since Lock Poker kept them instead. To make matters worse, the supposed new transfer policy that was enforced, now mandates that players cannot withdraw their funds without pre-paying 15% of rake or fees.

Lock Poker is still collecting deposits from new players (who are unaware of the situation) and are not paying  the 9+ months of backed up withdrawal requests.

This is absolutely fraudulent and Lock Poker is currently operating in full scam mode.  Supposedly, in 2013, they updated with withdrawal policy to protect players and Lock Poker from players that were laundering money from the site – Ha!  All the red flags show that Lock Poker does not have the funds to pay their players.

Funds that are sent via mail were supposed to be guaranteed within 48 hours. Victims to the Lock Poker scam are now being told by the support staff that it could take 6-8 weeks to receive withdrawals. Even this claim would be more attractive than not receiving any funds at all, ever. Unfortunately, the latter is the reality and everyone knows they are just buying time before they disappear or rebrand. Active players of Lock Poker have not been paid in over nine months. Trying to contact the support staff is more than extremely difficult. With no contact phone number and no online chat, it leaves for email contact only which allows for Lock Poker to be selective about responding to players’ concerns.

Lock Poker is a scam and previous affiliates have broken ties with them because of their shady behavior. Since it’s virtually impossible to receive winnings, online poker players should steer far away from them.  It’s such a shame because this was a great poker site for US players a few years ago.  The lock poker name ad network are now ruined and everyone needs to stay far away.

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  1. Yep, most online players already know this. I am still waiting for a payout (check) from Aug 12th 2013! WTF!!!

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