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Poker Legislation Introduced

Online Poker Legislation Introduce For United States

Online poker within the United States of America was almost outlawed when legal legislation (UIGEA) keeps making it harder for poker players to deposit their funding into their online poker accounts.

poker legislationSince the passing of the UIGEA legal bill in 2006 the poker playing public have been teaming up with influencial figures within the United States in order to try to overturn the legislation that made their pass time harder to participate in.

News has been revealed that law makers in the US have now introduced another legal bill that will make the playing of poker and gambling online easier for the US based players, producing an alternative to minimum tax, providing breaks within the taxable mainstream.

US senator Judd Gregg issued a statement about the latest bill, known as S3018, saying

“These simplifications alone will make it possible for most taxpayers to file a simple one-page 1040 form and in an effort to make paying taxes even simpler, individuals and families can request that the IRS prepare a tax return for them to review and sign.”

The S-3018 is not an online gambling bill, but it is “The Bipartisan Tax Fairness and Simplification Act” which does has language that will pave the way for online gambling regulation.

The believed reasoning for the passing of the bill is that the benefits of the United States offering players the chance to play and gamble online while taxing their earnings, allowing additional funding that will be used in conjunction with the country’s medical care fund.

** This article was written by one of out former writers and is very confusing.  For a more detailed description of this bill (S-3018) and how it relates to poker, please visit this PokerNewsDaily article.

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