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home games at pokerstarsPokerstars is a leader in the online poker game market has recently introduced a new twist to make playing poker even more fun. Now, you can invite your friends and family to join you in your own private online poker club called a “Home Game”.  It’s not really a home game at all, so this was a poor choice of names for these poker clubs.

Once you have downloaded the free software with the marketing code PSP1913 you are ready to create your very own poker club or join one that already exists. The first thing to do is to pick a name for your club and an invitation code. This will be your unique online identity where your friends can go to play poker with each other.

Next, follow the prompts to customize the look of your private poker table and select the tournaments you would like to participate in with your playing partners. Once you have set up your poker room, it is time to invite some friends to join. All you have to do is email them the invitation code and club ID and they will be able to join your club. You can also notify them by facebook or any other means you choose.

To schedule poker tournaments for you and your friends, simply choose the type of game or games you are most interested in playing and the buy-in level. Set a date for your online Home Game and will do the rest. Your friends that have joined the club will be automatically be notified when an upcoming game is scheduled. You can choose as many different games that you want and play as often as you want.

Everything you need to run your online poker club is included at no charge. You will receive Club Management Tools that allow you to appoint administrators, accept or remove members, design your own poker lobby and much more. You can keep track of the scores and even maintain statistics for each player. A player leaderboard is another feature provided with the proprietary software from Post schedules, show results and save your favorite game configurations.

This is an exciting and new concept for online poker players. Follow a few simple steps and you’ll soon have your very own poker parlor and be hosting your first poker game with your friends.  New players will receive a $600 Bonus that is pretty easy to earn.

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