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The popularity of online sportsbooks and wagering has been steadily on the rise for years now and Youwager has been around long enough to benefit from the boom. Since 1999, Youwager has been accepting wagers in their sportsbook, racebook, casino, and poker rooms.

Youwager provides a full-service online gambling service helping to validate their slogan, “Where America Bets.” The game has changed, though. In the past 20 years, we’ve seen hundreds of new online gambling sites popping up seemingly offering more bonuses, features, and contests at every turn. Some are solid sites while others leave much to be desired.

YouWager at a Glance

  • Standard Bonus: 100% Welcome Free Play on deposits from $100 to $1,000 with a 15x rollover or a 30% Free Play on deposits from $1001 to $2000 with a 4.5 rollover.
  • Website:
  • Launched in: 1999
  • Licensed & Regulated in: Costa Rica
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 1.800.YOUWAGER 1.877.778.9157
  • Available in US: Yes
  • Deposit Options: Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Money Transfer
  • Payout Options: Bitcoin, Check, Bank Wire, Money Transfer

So, the question is, how does Youwager compare with all the new competition? Have they been left behind or are they still on the forefront of a highly profitable industry?

We took the time to look into it for and judge whether or not Youwager is worth your valuable time and precious money. Finding the right spot to lay a wager is very important nowadays, is Youwager right for you?

Bonuses and Promotions

Youwager has tried to keep things simple in about every aspect of their site over the years and the bonuses and promotions reflect that. Do they have them? Yes! Are they any good? Sure…

Newer and older sites have taken to overloading you with bonuses and promotions. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it is bad. Youwager continues with ‘their keep it simple’ approach by offering very specific bonuses and promotions you are sure to use.

  • 100% Welcome Free Play on deposits from $100 to $1,000 with a 15x rollover or a 30% Free Play on deposits from $1001 to $2000 with a 4.5 rollover.
  • The Youwager Reload Bonus has three options with a 100% Free Play on deposits from $100 to $1,000. 15% Free Play on deposits from $100 to $499 and 20% Free Play on deposits from $500 & $200.
  • Net Loss Bonus is Youwager’s rebate program that is available on two levels. You are eligible for a 15% Net Loss Bonus Free Play with a deposit of $500 or more or a 25% Net Loss Bonus Free Play for with a deposit of $1000 or more.
  • Buddy Referral – The Youwager Refer-A-Friend promotions gives you 20% of the referrals deposit.
  • Bad Beat Special – If you lose two straight wagers by a half point within the last 30 days and you’ll qualify for a Free Play via the Bad Beat Special.

Sportsbook Details

Definitely Youwager’s strong-suit, this online sportsbook has all the features an experienced gambler is looking for and it starts with their lines and odds. Youwager keeps some of the tightest lines and odds available on the internet giving players the favorable positions they love.

They carry a deep catalog of not only games to wager on but types of wagers to play. Players love sportsbooks where action is everywhere and they can bet on anything and the sportsbook at Youwager definitely has it all.

Casino Details

The Youwager Casino offers all the table games popular in the online world as well as a wide variety of slots. Blackjack and roulette are well represented and they offer a few interesting variations on the classic games.

Their latest, most successful feature is the ‘live dealer’ which, much like live betting, is quickly becoming an important feature to all sites. This really gives the feeling of an actual blackjack table in Vegas. It’s a great feature and a solid online casino.

Poker Room Details

Youwager is old enough to remember when the only reason to have a site was for the poker rooms. Sportsbooks, racebooks, and casinos were all secondary. And this is probably why their poker is so good. They are still all-in with the game where other sites have been moving slowly moving on.

While other features may be more popular right now, you must remember, all online gambling is up and that includes poker. Youwager has the good buy-ins, good tournaments, and good rake one expects and wants in a quality poker room.

Racebook Details

Youwager has over 70 tracks across the United States available daily in their racebook. All the big races are available here as well. The Triple Crown, the Breeders Cup, and many more are all here along with every wager you like. Youwager makes placing bets all the way up to post time as simple as if you were at the track’s window.

Mobile Betting

Youwager likes to keep it simple on their platform and their interface and this makes their mobile site easy to use and virtually identical to the desktop version. No app is available, of course, but you’ll find the browser version on your mobile device to be just as good as the desktop.

Live Betting

Live betting is now a ‘must have’ for online sportsbooks and Youwager has followed suit. Live betting is a relatively new innovation so it can be spotty as every game is not available all the time, which just seems to be part of the deal. Live betting differs from site to site so it’s difficult to put one site above another. Sites just have to have it available and Youwager does.


Even after all these years, Youwager continues to be one of the finest online sportsbooks you can find. They are trustworthy and fair and have some of the best lines you could ask for. Their other features have matured as well as the casino, poker rooms, and racebook all enjoy steady play and repeat customers.

As with any solid site, there are a few improvements we would love to see, for instance, an improved interface would go a long way to solidifying their reputation. In the meantime, this is still a great site. Their low rollover 100% Welcome matching bonus is worth the visit alone, but stick around as the lines you get will pay for themselves.

Youwager Rating
Deposit / Withdrawal8.9
Betting Interface8.3
Mobile Site8.7
Customer Service9
Reader Rating0 Votes0
Customers like the simple bonuses and promotions. They have low rollovers which is always a plus and hard to find.
Their odds are very competitive when compared to other online sportsbooks. More often than not, Youwager’s lines are favorable.
Their loyalty program is one of the best around. You can receive nice rebates on losses.
Some mixed reviews on how they have treated professional players in the past. There have been complaints of frozen accounts and denying bonuses for certain players.
Although their bonuses are popular, they need more. Now more than ever an online sportsbooks can really make a name for itself by being creative with their promotions and Youwager should follow suit.
The interface could use an update as well. It could look better as well as be easier to navigate.
Current Score
Youwager Coming On Strong
Youwager is an up and coming sportsbook open to US players. The interface and betting experience is very positive.
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