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5 Most Common Mistakes When Playing in the Casino

Online gambling is at an all-time high in popularity and the internet knows all about it. Online sportsbooks, racebooks, poker rooms, and casinos are everywhere with new ones popping up every day. Just like gambling in brick and mortar establishments, online gambling requires discipline and strategy in order to be successful and this is especially true in the casinos.

All table games are a game of chance designed with a house edge. We all know this, however, this doesn’t mean they can not be beaten. And in order to beat them one must know the ins and outs of the online casino and make few mistakes. We’ve made a list here of the most common mistakes online casino players make and how to avoid them. Read carefully and wager accordingly.

Learning Games While Gambling

If you are gambling on a table game in an online casino, it’s important to know exactly how the game is played. Do your research and find a way to practice for free. Study the casino’s game completely. Never learn a game while betting as you will just throw money away. Are you learning the game? Yes. Is it costing you? Yes. Is there a free alternative? Of course.

And just because you know one game doesn’t mean you know them all. There are hundreds of variations on every classic table game in the casino. Take blackjack, for instance. You have classic blackjack, single deck blackjack, European blackjack, blackjack switch, Atlantic City blackjack, Vegas Strip blackjack, blackjack tables that stay on soft 17, blackjack tables that hit on soft 17, Spanish 21, etc., etc., on and on. You will lose money when trying to learn on the fly so do yourself a favor and do a little research first.

Ignoring the Online Casino Tips

The good online casinos want you to enjoy your time there. While, yes, they are ultimately after your money just as you are after theirs, a good online casino knows to treat their customers right to get them to come back. One way they will do this is by offering game-play tips on the table games they offer. Sometimes as pop-up messages, sometimes as its own section in the drop-down menu. Wherever they may be, they are worth your time to look into as you can learn the quick ins and outs of the games they are offering.

Ignoring Casino Bonuses

Every online casino will have a bonus waiting for you. At least one, we should say. Online gamblers know to look for them now and every casino offers them now. You want to find as big of a bonus as you can too, obviously, as padding your account with free money is always advised. However, there is one aspect to look into more specifically and that’s the rollover the bonus carries with it. The lower the rollover the better. Rollovers are a necessary evil in the online gambling world but some sites will take advantage. Find the site with the best bang for your buck, a big bonus with a small rollover.

Not Setting Limits

A successful online gambler is a disciplined online gambler. It’s the accessibility of online gambling which makes being a successful online gambler so difficult. The table games are all designed with a house edge after all and the law of averages says, the longer you play, the more you will lose. Because of this fact it is important to get in, win, and get out, as soon as you can. To do this, set limits.

Whether it is a time limit or a money limit. Have a firm stop point in mind and once you hit it, you stop. This will cut your losses and increase your wins. The internet isn’t going anywhere. It’ll still be there the next time you come back so set limits each time you play. Walking away at the right time is what separates an expert online gambler from a sucker playing online games. The only way to walk away successfully is to have set a limit and stuck to it.

Research Your Site

There are thousands of online casinos and, believe it or not, not all of them are on the up and up. Do the research and find out all you can about the site you are playing. If it’s a scam you will know pretty quickly. Look for sites that are licensed with customer services available. Look into deposit methods and, more importantly, cashing out options. Avoid online casinos where any of this information is lacking or hard to find. A good site will have all of this readily available on their homepage or drop-down menu. Don’t waste a few hundred dollars learning the hard way that the online casino you’ve chosen is just a fancy version of a scam.

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