About Us

gamblingusa.comWow, you are actually reading our “About Us” page?  Good for you, we do appreciate it!

GamblingUSA.com is designed to serve a few purposes

  1. Share our 15+ years working in the online gambling industry by providing informative reviews of the top licensed and regulated gambling sites for Poker, Casino and Sports Betting.
  2. Posting news and latest promotions for online gaming and legal gambling updates
  3. Observations and ramblings from our latest Las Vegas trips.
  4. Updates to the State Gambling Laws with the current basic gambling laws for each state.
  5. Whatever else – we are laid back and anything goes!

My name is Kevin Green and I have been playing and writing about online gambling since 2003.  A lot has changed since then, actually everything has changed.  Gambling online in the USA went from “anything goes Wild Wild West” era to a “government intimidation” time frame.  Now we are in a time with states regulating and legalizing online gambling.  Regulation is definitely in it’s infancy stage as many states are in a “wait and see” phase as the early adapters like New Jersey and Nevada work out the kinks.

We are always looking for writers, so if  would like to write and are interested in gambling, casinos and Vegas – please contact us immediately here, google+ or twitter!

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