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Advantages of Instant Play Casino Platforms

Everyday online gambling grows a little more. There are online sportsbooks, online poker rooms, online racebooks, and, of course, online casinos. The “instant play” casino platform are by far the most popular for many reasons. The most obvious is not having to download or install any software in order to play.

This is what “instant play” means and all you need is a url. Many are reluctant to play online casinos as they have a tough reputation. However, there are actually many advantages to using the instant play casino platforms. A casino is a casino whether it is online or brick and mortar and they all come with a certain amount of risk. This is gambling we are talking about after all. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to try your hand online, be sure to check out this list of all the advantages available in an online casino.


As mentioned, no downloading and no installing of anything. All you have to do to play some blackjack is log on to your favorite online casino. You can use your desktop, smartphone, tablet or any other smart device you can think of and you aren’t even taking up any memory or other valuable space. This is the biggest and most obvious advantage over any brick and mortar shop. You can play from anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Abundance of Options

The popularity of online gambling has been on the rise for the last 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down. This has created a huge market on the internet of casinos trying to get your action. There are so many places to play, the only problem becomes where to play.  

However, this is no drawback, this too is an advantage. In order to win you as a customer and player, these instant play online casinos work hard to get your attention. They offer big perks to set themselves apart from the competition. Special games, special features, special offers, contests, jackpots, and bonuses are all available for the taking at every online casino. Your job is to find the best one that works for you.

Having all of these offers also ensures you’ll be able to find the table game or slots you like to play for the amount you like to play for. Welcome to the internet where your options are endless.


Of all the perks and special features these sites will throw at you, the bonuses are obviously the best of them. That’s right, free money. The bonus program of an online casino is one of its most important aspects and selling-points. Every site has bonuses, but all sites are different. The basic bonus is a “welcome bonus,” which you will receive simply for signing up.

It is usually a matching bonus meaning it will match your initial deposit by a certain percent. Some sites offer 100% matching bonuses, some 50%. They vary from site to site. However, these are not the only bonuses available. Refer-a-friend bonuses, reload bonuses, table game bonuses, slots bonuses. The list is long. However, while these bonuses may look too good to be true, be aware that they do not come free of charge.

Every bonus you receive will come with a rollover. It’s industry standard and there is no way around them. A rollover simply ensures you play in the casino after getting a bonus. Casinos don’t last long by giving away money and letting you cash out. When choosing a site for its bonuses, be sure to check how big the rollovers are first. You want 5x rollovers or less. There are many online casinos that keep them in this range. It may take a little time but do yourself a favor and find them.

Live Dealers

An exciting new feature available in most instant play platforms is the “live dealer.” This option brings the online casino a bit closer to the real world. Table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, super 6, and many others in an online casino are usually automatic restarts but not with the live dealer. These types of games will continue with the same deck in the live dealer mode. This improves your odds of winning greatly and should always be used.

Easy to Use, Easy to Learn

Another advantage to all of these online platforms is how easy they are to use and we mean every aspect of the online casino. From signing in, depositing cash, finding your game, and playing it, everything is made simple and fast. There are tons of games to play, but don’t worry about that because rules and tutorials are readily available. The online casino is not as intimidating as the brick and mortar casinos. There are no loud bells and whistles or flashing lights. You can always find a spot at the table and you never have to worry about anyone judging your moves. You can sit back and relax, think moves through, learn and play. Fast and easy.

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