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California Sports Betting Bill Dead in the Water

Lawmakers Not Quick Enough to Get Bill on November Ballot

The lawmaker behind the sports betting bill in California, Senator Bill Dodd, announced on Monday he was pulling the bill. Dodd said the non-stop opposition from tribal casino owners made the bill impossible to pass.

The latest bill had already been amended to offer up a compromise. It would have legalized sports betting at the various tribal-owned casinos in the state.

It would not have allowed sports betting in card rooms, even though owners of those card rooms were complaining about the monopoly that tribes have on gambling in the state. According to Dodd, tribal officials were displeased with the fact that card owners would be able to offer blackjack at their rooms under the terms of the amended sports betting bill.

A source that wanted to remain anonymous told Bloomberg News, “The tribal owners are selfish and greedy. It’s not good enough that they are the only ones that would get to have sports betting. They don’t want the rest of us to get ahead either. How does having blackjack affect them?”

Card Room Owners Are Livid and Planning on Suing the Tribes and the State

A source that is dealing with the card room owners, said “This latest move is something that can not be ignored. They are going to hire an attorney and sue the state and the tribes for interfering with fair and equitable business practices.” The source added, “The card room owners feel that the tribes have now stepped over the line, and it has to end.”

On Monday, Senator Dodd met with reporters at the state capitol in Sacramento. He said that he was very disappointed that after all sides said they were agreeable to the terms of the new sports betting bill, there are still issues.

Dodd told the group, “We have a huge financial crisis in the state, a close to a $60 billion shortfall, and programs are going to be affected by this deficit.” He went on to say “For the sides not to come together during this time of a financial and health crisis is extremely insensitive.”

Senator Dodd Believes the Sides Will Regret Not Compromising

Dodd said, “There are only so many ways we can generate revenue quickly to fill in the gaps, and I think the tribal officials will regret their decision when everything is said and done.” The bill would have to pass in November by California voters.

However, in order for the bill to be able to be on the November ballot, it had to clear the State and the House first. With Dodd pulling the sports betting bill, there is nothing to discuss for a while, as the bill would have to wait until 2022, an election year, to be reintroduced.

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