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Enjoy Up To $1,600 In First Deposit Bonuses at Bookmaker

Bookmaker is one of the oldest online sports betting options we online sports gamblers have and they’ve been in business since way back in 1996. They have been a top-five sportsbook consistently for years now and win over players with their customer-friendly approach and straight-forward options and features.

Bookmaker posts its lines early and often and many sportsbooks, whether on the strip in Vegas or offshore in the Caribbean, look to them before setting lines of their own. They carry all the industry standard sports, leagues, and wagers but do so with a no-nonsense, what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude gamblers across the country have always appreciated and been loyal to.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a bad thing written about Bookmaker and that goes for their sportsbook, casino, racebook, or poker rooms. This is no money trap or scheme, just a straight-up sportsbook with plenty of action for you.

Look at Bookmaker Promotions

Consider their promotions. Again, they keep it simple while delivering the goods. While other sites compete hard for your action by throwing dozens of promotions and bonuses at you anyway they can, Bookmaker goes the other way.

Sure, they offer promotions and bonuses but they are short and sweet and, most importantly, easy to use. There is no better example than their 15% Cash Welcome Bonus. 15% may seem chintzy at first glance as other sites are offering Welcome Bonuses that match anywhere between 50% to 150%. However, the size of the matching percentage is not where the value of the bonus lies, it’s in the rollover rate.

What good is a 100% matching bonus if there is a 40x rollover? You’re forced to place wagers for months before you are even eligible to make a complete withdrawal. And this is where Bookmaker nails it with a simple 5x rollover rate. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a site with such small rollovers.

You’ll receive a 15% matching cash bonus up to $600. Then, you can receive a 50% casino cash bonus up to $1,000. (Don’t worry though, if casino table games and slots aren’t your thing, the casino bonus is optional.) Also, it’s important to note that this is a cash bonus.

Do the math… That’s a total of $1,600 in total bonuses when you sign up with our link.

Once you’ve made your initial deposit, the bonus cash is deposited directly into your account for you to wager with as you please. Most sites give you free-plays which is not nearly the same thing. Take advantage at Bookmaker and take their cash.

Bookmaker has a fantastic reputation and has maintained it for years. They are friendly to gamblers of all kinds, whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high-stakes pro, Bookmaker will let you play what you want to play and pay you out when you win.

It’s hard to think of another site that has all of these positives going for it but Bookmakers does. A 15% Welcome Cash Bonus with the tiny rollover is plenty of reason to give them your time and action. Sign-up, collect your bonuses, and place your wagers. It should always be this simple and, at Bookmaker, it always is.

P.S. — you can read more about Bookmaker in our full review here.

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