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How to Play & Win at Online Craps

The game of online craps is one of the most popular table games in the online casinos. It’s a high energy game and although it lacks the camaraderie or noise levels of live craps, there are plenty of great bets with excellent value available with an online craps table.

Craps is a game of chance just as any table game in any casino, online or brick and mortar, there is a way to play and strategies to employ in order to lower your risk and increase your profit margin. A craps table carries a ton of action. It’s part of the appeal. There are hundreds of wagers and thousands of dollars that can change hands on one roll of the dice.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with all of the wagers available in order to gain a fuller understanding while at the craps table. We’ve done some research and found the best tips and strategy for you to use at online craps in order to win as much as possible. Take note of these tips before entering your next casino, online or otherwise.

Love the Pass Line

Playing a pass line wager will give put you in the best possible position for the come out roll. The casino advantage is a meager 1.41% at this point of the pass line bet. You win bet provided the shooter either hits a seven or an eleven. You want to avoid losers like a two, three, or a twelve. However, any other number that is rolled out gains a point awarding you a quick payout.

Use the Odds

This is one of the best bets in an online casino. Once the shooter has established the point, you are able to play an extra free odds bet. This works in online craps due to the fact there is zero house edge at this point.

Two Come Bets

This strategy is simple and works very well with online craps tables. Following your initial pass line bet, you place two come bets. This way, you will have three numbers working in your favor. Then, once you have achieved a winning bet, place another bet on it so you always have three wagers working for you at any time.

Straight Come Bets

Once you have established a point, you may place come bets. That is, come bets work much like pass line bets, however the key difference between the two is that you place a pass line bet before the shooter establishes a point; whereas, you place a come bet after the shooter establishes a point. After the come bet has been placed, the very next roll would be the come out roll. If the shooter is able to roll a seven or an eleven, you win the bet.

No Proposition Bets

There are hundreds of wagers to be placed on a craps table and most of them are proposition bets and most of them are terrible bets. They have the worst odds as the house edge on proposition bets is always the highest on the table. Many players like proposition bets because they are single roll wagers meaning they happen quickly and are readily available. However, those little losses add up especially if no proposition bets have paid out.

Avoid Most Hard Bets

Hard Four, Hard Eight or Hard Ten are some of the poorest bets because the house edge will be in the neighborhood of 11%. These hard bets will pay out at 7:1 so you can understand their popularity. However, the chances of getting the number two, four or five to land in pairs are significantly lower and happen far less frequently than the 7:1 payout would suggest.

Walking Away

You can know all the rules, all the bets, and all the strategies. You can be on the greatest winning streak of your life or anyone else’s for that matter. You can have it all figured out and the game backed into a corner. However, it doesn’t mean anything unless you can walk away. You have to have the discipline to get out of Dodge as soon as can with as much money as you can. Get your money and get out. The longer you play, the more of a chance you have to lose.

Set goals for yourself. If you hit them, you walk away. Set limits for yourself. Once you cross them, you walk away. This is true with every table game in every casino but it is especially true with craps. The money can add up quick in craps and a hot streak can leave you with a healthy stack of chips. However, it’s important to remember, a hot streak is just that, a streak. They are short-lived. The odds are in the house’s favor, it’s up you to play smart, increase your odds, and then walk away.

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