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Illinois Lottery goes Online

The Illinois Lottery has set the record – They are the first state to sell lottery tickets (games of chance) online.  Their website is and they went online March 25, 2012, which brought in $15,000 in sales that first day.  Sales will only increase as they approach the next Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday.

online lottery ticketsMany states were asking the Department of Justice for clarity on the law of selling lottery tickets online.  On December 23, 2011 the DOJ stated that the Federal wire act only applies to sports betting, and not casinos, poker and lottery as previously thought.  Now there are a few states (including New York) going ahead with the sale of lottery tickets online.

The Technical Details

To purchase online lottery tickets from the, adults are required to enter your address, social security #, date of birth and have a valid credit card.  Other points of interest include a limit of $100 in ticket purchases per day

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