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Is Online Gambling Legal in the United States?

Is Internet Gambling illegal?

gaming lawsDepending on who you are and where you live, Internet gambling could be an illegal activity. While it is so easy to join an online casino and play the consequences of illegal gaming could be devastating. This is not only so for the individual player but also for the casino operator. Serious online casinos are aware of this and therefore they are very careful to give the instructions needed to keep everything according to the law. Even with these steps of precaution by the online casino you as a player always have the responsibility to understand your rights when it comes to gambling online.

USA Players
It is especially US players that face a challenge when they want to gamble online. Many are the Internet casinos that simply close their doors to the American crowd out of fear of getting into trouble. The specific laws for online gambling vary between the different States which is why some casinos are open to the US players that live in the US States that allow some types of gaming online. USA players should be careful to check the laws of the state they live in and make sure to only play with casinos that welcome their play and money.

Changing Laws
The laws and rules for Internet gambling are very dynamic and all around the world people lobby for making this type of gaming more or less available. This means that players that currently can’t play online might be able to do so within a few months. The European Union is working on the free trade between the member states and part of this work is making online gambling legal in all of the countries. This is a process which takes time but change is taking place and more and more European players find that they can move more freely between the online casinos.

Legal Online Casinos
It is not only the individual player that needs to be legal. The casino must also come with the necessary registration and license. There are a few well known casino licenses that immediately lets the player know that the casino is OK to play in. Even if you think that a license sounds familiar and serious you should take the time to check it out. Ask in online gaming forums if the casino is known to be OK and you will be able to play with much better peace of mind.

Responsible Play
Responsible play includes a few different areas. The first thing is that the player needs to be of legal age to be able to participate in the games with money. You don’t want to risk playing in a casino where underage players are active. It could get very unstable if real money bets are made by players who might have to rely on parents to back them up. Another important issue is that of compulsive gaming. Good casinos keep an eye open for strange behavior and lead the players to help if they need it.

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