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Is Legit?

Online gambling sites are a dime a dozen these days. The popularity of online gambling has driven the market skyward as new sites are popping up everyday with big offers and new features. However, some of these sites are not all on the up-and-up and are only looking to grab your money, hit you with fees wherever they can, and bury you in rollovers.

It’s the nature of an unregulated online market but not all sites are money traps. Some are actually legit sportsbooks taking on plenty of action and paying out as quickly as they can. Obviously, these are the sites we want to find and invest in. is not new to the online gambling game at all. But is legit? That’s what we are here to find out. Is this a site worth your time and money? We snooped around and filed this report so you know exactly what Sportsbook has to offer for all of your online gambling needs. It takes a lot of work to create an online sportsbook that stands out from the rest these days. Sportsbook has the name, but do they have the goods?

Overview is a complete online gambling site offering everything online gamblers are looking for. More than just a sportsbook, they offer a strong casino, a huge and international racebook, and highly competitive poker rooms. Your Sportsbook account is transferable between all sectors and there are no downloads required.

They are mobile too, as every feature they offer is available on the desktop as well as any mobile device. Signing up is made easy and you can even collect a strong bonus upon your initial deposit. Sportsbook offers several basic bonuses whenever entering playing in a new part of their site as well as bonuses for whenever you reload your account.

The sportsbook is still their primary focus and they have every sport and wager available at all times. However, the racebook is very big and you can wager on almost any race happening around the world. The casino offers all the table games and slots players love. The poker rooms are probably there only drawback as it doesn’t rank as high as all of Sportsbook’s other features. However, while it may not have as much traffic as other sites, the quality of play is high.

History of

Sportsbook was created all the way back in 1996 by one Patrick Callahan as a website by the name of and their primary focus was on oddsmaking and their sportsbook. The first online sportsbook to accept credit card payment, they’ve actually had to endure a few name changes from to and then

All for the legal issues that have surrounded all of online gambling over the past two decades. Despite those changes, Sportsbook has maintained a solid presence and consistent popularity as not a sportsbook but as a one stop shop for just about every form of online gambling you can imagine. Their statue in the online gambling field has been assisted by consistent mentions on the well-trafficked sites of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Yahoo Sports.

They been able to keep up with the times as well as Sportsbook keeps the updates coming allowing you access to all of the latest online gambling features every player expects. Live Betting in the sportsbook, Live-Dealers in the casino, and wagers accepted until post in the racebook. Their software has always been powered by BetSoft and their bonuses and promotions have always been competitive for the market. Sportsbook has enjoyed a rich history that shows no sign of changing anytime in the near future.

Issues With

Over the course of a career as long as Sportsbook, there are bound to be issues that have come up over the years. Accusations of slow paying, jumps in fees, and frozen accounts are usually the charges leveled against online gambling sites by players and Sportsbook, just as every other site, is no different.

Sportsbook does not carry the highest limits available around the web and this keeps the whales, big money players, and syndicates away for the most part. It is important to note, every issue reported about Sportsbook has been resolved, no matter the accusation. Unless you are a high-roller, Sportsbook is a good site for you.

Conclusion has been around a long time now and they’ve learned plenty. Their strongest asset is their ability to seamlessly adapt, change, and grow in the online gambling world with constant upgrades and the latest innovations. They never rest on the laurels at Sportsbook, that’s for sure. As the name hints, Sportsbook’s strongest feature is, indeed, its sportsbook.

The amount of games and wagers they offer is great and easy to find on the your desktop or your mobile device. We really love the interface as placing a wager is so simple and takes no time at all. This comes in very handy with their live-betting feature as sometimes you have to get a wager in quick. While we would not say this is the greatest online gambling site ever created, it is definitely worth your time and money as it is totally legit.

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