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Reasons For the Martingale Betting Strategy

When it comes to gambling and gamblers, one thing is for certain. Everyone has a system. Every gambler, at one point or another, has devised a plan, a fool-proof scheme perfectly designed to separate the house from their money. Of course, many of these grand ideas amount to nothing. However, every once in a while, a betting strategy gains some traction and becomes famous for being able to deliver the goods when used correctly. The world-famous Martingale Betting Strategy is just that. Simple in concept, the Martingale Betting Strategy is designed to win back your losses. This way, your wins stay in your pocket while your losses simply even out, leaving you, of course, way ahead of the game. It is important to note here that the Martingale Betting Strategy is not foolproof. However, when used correctly it can be very beneficial to your bottom line. Here we will look at how to use the Martingale Betting Strategy and why.

You Need a System

If you walk into a casino or a sportsbook without an idea of what you are going to do there. You are going to lose your money. If you have no plan, strategy, system, or whatever you want to call it, you are going to lose your money. To put it plainly, you need a system of some kind. How much do you wager? When do you stop wagering? When do you increase your wager? Not knowing the answer to these questions will get you into a lot of trouble and, guess what, you’ll lose all of your money. Never go into any type of gambling situation with no idea how you are going to play. You’ll need some type of plan in order to be successful. The Martingale is just one of hundreds, and here is how it works.

Martingale Betting Strategy

The Martingale Betting Strategy is actually very simple. You began with one bet worth some amount. To use as an example, let’s say $5. It is best to always start small with the Martingale. So, you’ve decided to wager $5, and after your first loss, you double your bet to $10. If this wager wins, you reset your wagering back to $5 and begin again. If your $10 wager lost, you’d double it to $20. It’s rather simple. You bet low, double after a loss, and reset after a win. The theory goes that you will simply collect on all the wins and win your money back on the losses. This is a good position to be in after all. However, it does come with some side notes and is not as easy to pull off as one might think. You must use the Martingale Betting Strategy correctly and never deviate. Beware the pitfalls many players make and the Martingale Betting Strategy will work for you.

Even Odds Wagers

First of all, you need to play the correct wager. As mentioned you want to start low. A minimum bet is always recommended, but more importantly, you must be playing a game that pays out EVEN on the wager. This is why roulette is the most popular game to employ the Martingale Betting Strategy. With roulette, you can wager on RED or BLACK for many spins and take full advantage of the Martingale. The RED/BLACK wager pays out EVEN money, and this is the important part. There are several games you can find that pays out EVEN odds. However, roulette has the lowest house edge on top of the EVEN odds you need to make the Martingale work for you.

Big Bankroll

Many players will attempt to use the Martingale with a small bankroll, and it doesn’t take long for them to find themselves in trouble. Doubling your wager after a loss can add up quite quickly, and you will need a large bankroll to make this betting system work for you. Even on minimum bets, a cold streak can leave you in a tight spot if you don’t have the bankroll to wait it out. $5 becomes $10, $10 becomes $20, 20 to 40, 40 to 80 and so on. This is an important lesson though for all gambling and betting strategies. There is no get rich quick approach. The only way to be a successful gambler is to play smart and within your bankroll’s means. Doing otherwise is just a road to ruin. Remember that the old business adage, “it takes money to make money” is true. Especially when you are employing the Martingale Betting Strategy.

Reset After Wins

Finally, in order to make the Martingale Betting Strategy work, you must reset after wins. You’ve got your bankroll, you’ve got your game, and you’ve got the system. Do not deviant. Many players run into the problem of hitting a nice hot streak toward the beginning of their session. Having some winnings in their pocket inspires them to wager a little more each spin. This is just being greedy while ignoring one of the basic rules to the Martingale. Keep your wagers low and keep them the same. This is a long game you are playing, and cold streaks are just around the corner. Always reset to the minimum when using the Martingale.

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