Gambling Laws in Wyoming have not Changed

Wyoming, like several others, is a western state and had its humble and exciting beginnings as a pioneer state filled with opportunity.  For those seeking financial opportunity by playing their hand in luck are fortunate that the state offers several gambling options.  These options include going to tribal casinos to play games, e.g. card games, charitable gambling Vis a Vis raffles and bingo.  Wyoming, however, does not have a state lottery – a minority state in this way in the country – and it does not have commercial casinos.  Nevertheless, the tribal casinos are alternatives to the lack of commercial casinos.  Residents and visitors are permitted to participate in social gambling as long as no one plays the role, complete with profit, of “house.”

Wyoming defines gambling very broadly, articulating that it is any activity in which an individual is “risking any property for gain contingent in whole or in part upon lot, chance, the operation of a gambling device or the happening or outcome of an event, including a sporting event, over which the person taking a risk has no control.”  This definition is pursuant to Section 6-7-101(iii).

The language is such that any game that has any element of chance can qualify as gambling if the other conditions are met, even if skills is a part of play.  Running afoul of this law is illegal; a misdemeanor per Section 6-7-102. This, however, really pertains to activity by players rather than offenses stemming from illegal operation of gambling games and/or facilities, which is in contravention of Sections 6-7-104 and Section 6-7-102(b) – offenses that if aggravated enough can lead to felony charges and convictions, including incarceration not to exceed three years.

Online Gambling

Online gambling has not been a topic of discussion in the legislature yet but that could change in the future.  However, changes, in the near future, admittedly, are unlikely to occur.  While the state does not take any explicit stance in favor of online gambling or against it, one could reasonably conclude that since the state does not sanction it, as it does other forms of (regulated) gambling.  This, nonetheless, should not be misconstrued as the state and law enforcement agencies having an agenda to aggressively prosecute gambling offenses, especially misdemeanors.  Ultimately, those who want to engage in online poker must do so fully cognizant of the laws surrounding gambling (legal and illegal) in the state.

Recent Developments

There have been no recent gambling developments in the state.  News or development wise, the gambling situation has been what can be called stable in the sense that there have been no controversial issues.

Casinos in Wyoming

There are three casinos in Wyoming and they include the following facilities:

  • Wind River Casino
  • Little Wind Casino
  • Shoshone Rose Casino

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