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Top Online Video Poker Tips & Strategies

Many gamblers give online video poker a bad rap. Many just see it as a slight variation on slot machines where there is no skill, no strategy, and no way to win. Well, fortunately for online video poker players, none of that is true. A common mistake online video poker players make is thinking of this game too much like poker. You are not at a poker table and you aren’t playing anyone else.

Online video poker is its own game which requires its own skill set and strategy in order to win. Just like anything else related to games of chance, it does take time, patience, and some practice to be a successful online video poker player. Here, we have provided you with the best tips and strategies to help you find success while you play. Some of this may seem obvious after-the-fact, but take note, these are the five things you absolutely must know in order to not only win some hands, but make yourself the most money possible.


Many people will tell you that the best way to make money at online video poker is to play the big variants as much as you can if not every time. While it is true, playing big, pays big and you will be able to find variants where it is worth putting down on, you may want to start smaller.

In order to get some quick, regular wins, try sticking to the basics at first. Those Jacks-or-Better type of games. This is a great way to build up your account and allow you to establish your base before moving on to bigger and better bets. Always remember, a pair of jacks or queens pays five coins in a classic online video poker game, but they will pay nothing in a game Wild Cards. Jokers and Wild Cards are just that, Jokers and Wild Cards.

These cards may make things exciting in many online video poker games, however, you’ll need to hit those bigger hands to earn anything back.

Bet the Maximum Amount of Coins

When you are playing online video poker with a low house edge, it pays big to wager as much as you can, whenever you can. This is also another good reason to play Jacks-or-Better as it has a house edge of only 0.46%. You should always be looking for the game with the lowest house edge.

Get to know these games and where they are. You have a maximum of five coins to bet with, so go for big wagers in order to give yourself the best chance for the greatest payout amounts. Low house edge is one of the best reasons to play online video poker in the first place. Find the low, then go high.

Know When to Hold’em

In order to win you’re going to want to get as much information as you can. You want to know the best pay tables and the lowest house edge. Learn the games inside and out. It is worth your while to memorize the best pay tables for your favorite games. There are plenty of strategy cards available online and they are worth looking into. Knowing your game will inform you on which hands you are looking for or trying to build.

You want to know the chances of hitting various hands after Holding. You should be looking for your best possible hand you can hit after redrawing. For example, if you had a 4-to-the-Flush and a Low Pair, you’d want to re-draw and go for that Flush.

Love Thy Internet

Keeping up with the game at hand and trying to work out the odds of hitting the cards you need in order to improve is tough to say the least. Fortunately, you aren’t the only one who has ever had trouble with it and the internet is here to help. There are plenty of options available online to assist you in doing this and it can be a wise investment to look into software to run your numbers for you. It’s your computer and opening up a few windows is allowed.

Find a Great Site

There is plenty of competition out there these days for every type of online gambling you can imagine. And that goes for sportsbooks, racebooks, poker rooms, and casinos. Do your research and find the site that takes video poker seriously.

You want sign up bonuses with little rollover, plenty of progressive pots, and a multitude of game varieties. Never settle for the first one that comes along. Online gambling is big business in every facet and you want to find the spot that meets all of your criteria. Online gamblers are a picky bunch and they know a bad site when they see one. Be sure to use this wealth of knowledge and the best pots out there.

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