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What is Online Keno & How to Win

Originating in China and making its way to the United States in the 1800s, Keno has long been one of the most popular games you can find in the casino, online or otherwise. Casinos offer all kinds of games, from card games like blackjack to dice games like craps. Online keno is different, though, and would be considered a lottery game, much along the lines of roulette.

The game itself is simple, you pick a number 1-80. If you’re lucky enough to match the numbers on your ticket with the keno numbers that are drawn at random, you could be a winner. The prizes are awarded according to how many numbers you’ve matched with the keno numbers. Players can win large amounts of money from small wagers in keno.

The higher the number, the higher the payout. In standard online keno games, 20 numbers are drawn, with a player usually selecting between one and ten numbers on their ticket. Very much so, online keno is more of a little lottery.

The lottery is luck, though. There isn’t any strategy or talent to simply picking numbers and hoping that they are randomly selected. While this may seem to be the case on the surface, there are ways of improving the way you play online keno to make it as profitable as possible.

Here is a list of five strategies to employ the next time you are playing online keno. Follow these steps and you will greatly improve your chances of walking away with a lot of money after only wagering a little.

Picking Your Online Keno Numbers

When playing online keno, the average game will allow you to select a certain set of numbers from 1 to 80. You must choose how many numbers you want to play and there is no right or wrong answer. Of course, the more numbers you choose, the better chances you have of winning. However, it is also important to not overexpose yourself by playing too many, thereby cutting into profits.

There is a happy medium to find and it all depends on how much money you are wagering. A smart play is to consider starting out with smaller spots and move up to larger ones to see how well you’ve done once you have played the game a few times.

Placing Smart Wagers

When selecting your online keno numbers, it is important to take into account the pay table. With online keno, you will have to have a certain number of hits with your picks to break even on your wager. For instance, from 7 to 11 online keno numbers are selected, you’ll need three hits to break even on the wager. It would make more sense to place a bet on 11 numbers so that you have better odds of hitting 3 to break even or more to earn a higher payout. Remember: it is much easier in online keno to hit 3 out of 11 numbers than it is to hit 3 out of 7 numbers.

Chose the Online Casino with a High Payout Percentage

When playing keno at an online casino, the payouts are usually much higher than regular brick and mortar casinos. However, it is important to remember that the maximum return will vary wildly from one online casino to another.

Before you begin to play online keno seriously, you’ll need to research your options of online casinos. There are hundreds to choose from, too. Look at the payout percentages and pay tables on offer with various online keno games. Simply by finding the best online casino, you can lower the house edge and assist yourself by earning the highest possible payout.

Stick to Your Numbers, Even After You Win

The online keno numbers are always selected randoming, each and every time. There are no odds when it comes to hitting the numbers. Not varying your numbers will allow you to corner the market on the numbers as opposed to chasing numbers around and always following short. The logic says, the numbers have to come up at some point, and when they do, you’ll need to have played them.

Big Bonus, Low Rollover

Every online casino will offer you bonuses. There are welcome bonuses and reload bonuses. Refer-a-friend bonuses and monthly bonuses. The bonuses are there for the taking and are a great way to stack some cash in your account, even before laying a bet. However, these bonuses all come with rollover rates.

This ensures you are not simply collecting bonuses and cashing out, something online casinos are not in favor of for obvious reasons. In order to cash out with the online casino, you’ll have had to wagered enough to fulfill the rollover requirement. When selecting an online casino, be sure the rollovers are low. A low rollover is better than a large bonus in the long run.

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