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What is the Perfect Blackjack System

Everyday, online blackjack is becoming more and more popular. The emergence of credible online casinos, coupled with the fact that blackjack is and always has been the most popular game on the casino floor, has led to more people playing more blackjack anywhere they can. With big bonuses and easy accessibility, online casinos are getting plenty of action from their blackjack tables. Other features, such as Live Dealers, have also helped get the word out.

The most appealing aspect of the game of blackjack is that it’s a beatable game. Your best odds in the casino, online or on land, is at the blackjack table. The house edge is low and smart players can use their bonuses and strategies to win plenty of chips and thanks to smart devices, you can play from anywhere. Here we have the do’s and don’ts of online blackjack systems. How to use them and what to avoid doing? Take these to heart and you’ll be winning more than every at online blackjack.

Don’t Count on the Old Strategies

The online, internet world is a different one to say the least. The same rules don’t apply as they do in the real world and nowhere is this truer than in an online casino. When developing and employing an online blackjack strategy it is important to remember that although the odds and house edge remains the same, the game is different. Some strategies that work in Vegas don’t work at

One of the strategies to nix is counting cards. While counting cards can increase your chances greatly in an actual casino, it is not an option in a virtual one. The reason for this is online casinos reshuffle after every deal. After every hand, you are starting fresh and new and what happened in the last hand is no longer a factor. Even playing with a Live Dealer does not put you in a position to count cards because of the lack of deck penetration. Counting cards is a tough skill to learn, but if you take the time and practice, you can get it down, no problem. However, when you do hone your card counting skills, just remember, a brick and mortar casino is the only place it will help you.

Use the Bonuses

One of the many perks of playing online blackjack are the bonuses you can collect. Every online casino is offering bonuses. The online gambling marketplace is jammed pack these days with a ton of online casinos trying to get your action. Due to such competition, the bonuses are getting bigger and bigger and it’s important that you find the best ones. Every bonus comes with a rollover, which is a dollar amount of what you’d have to wager to clear the rollover and be able to withdraw your money.

Without rollovers, players would simply sign up, collect the bonus, and cash out. That doesn’t make much business sense for the online casinos, so it’s important to consider them a necessary evil but one that can still be taken advantage of. Look for sites that offer rollovers of 5x or less. These are the good numbers. Grab as big of bonuses as you can, just be sure to keep the rollovers low.

Low Minimums

Like most games in any casino, you are going to need a bit of a bankroll in order to be successful and walk away a winner. This often gets players in trouble while in a casino on the Vegas Strip. Most tables have $15 to $25 minimums that will eat a hole in your bankroll with a cold start. To play blackjack anywhere, you’re going to have to weather the cold spells and collect on the hot streaks.

Online blackjack always keeps low minimums. As little as a dollar to play a hand of blackjack. This makes changing the amount of your wagers that much easier. $50 goes much further if it is 50 wagers instead of two. Always start with small wagers with online blackjack. You can play for a while and get a feel of the ebb and flow of the game. When you are ahead, you can increase your wagers and add to your stack. If you go cold, quickly downshift to the minimum bet and wait it out. Blackjack is a game of streaks after all, and not losing your bankroll while on your way to a hot streak is key.

Forget Basic Strategy

While basic blackjack strategy should be your point of departure in online blackjack, it doesn’t have to be the hard and fast rules it is in a brick and mortar casino. There will be times during a session where you will need to hit a four or stand on a 16. Mixing in these moments is important because remember, there is a reshuffle after every hand. This is going to throw off the odds of basic strategy. They only way to counter this successfully is to throw them off yourself. Knowing the basic strategy is important but knowing when to use it is even more important.

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