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Bet Horses in the Racebook & Get 8% Rebate

Often lost in all the hoopla of the modern day online gambling sites is playing the ponies. Every site these days has a sportsbook with every game, a casino with a thousand slots, and poker room packed with players, but where is the horse racing?

Considering the number of tracks and races across the North American continent, you’d think a well-run racebook would be in everyone’s best interest, yet, somehow it remains neglected by most. But not at Bookmaker. “Old School Meets New School,” is their motto over at Bookmaker and there’s nothing more old school than a day at the races.


Bookmaker has long been considered a premier online sports gambling site. They have the kind of pull where other sites don’t even set lines until Bookmaker does. They’ve been accepting wagers from the pre-internet days going back to 1985 and have not slowed down at all. They are a one-stop shop for all your online gambling needs with a sportsbook with every game, a casino with a thousand slots, a poker room packed with players, and, what’s this, a race book, too.

The Racebook

The Bookmaker racebook is old school meets new school in every regard. All of the classic wagers are available on every race. They have access to over 50 tracks all over North America including Harrington Raceway, Mohawk Raceway, Mountaineer Park, and Northfield Park. Major tracks bring the major races as well and those are all at Bookmaker, too. The Triple Crown, the Breeders Cup, Saratoga and Del Mar are all at Bookmaker. And, to make it just as good as any day at the track, you can place a wager all the way up to post. Bookmaker takes their racebook seriously and all serious players are welcome.

The Rebate and Bonuses

You can witness the new school aspect of Bookmaker once you’ve signed up and logged in. Just for joining up, you can take advantage of their 50% Welcome bonus which will match your initial deposit up to $300. There are plenty of other bonuses to use as well including a reload and refer-a-friend program. However, for those wagering in the racebook, the is bonus just for these players in a daily 8% rebate on bets made that day.

This rebate is paid daily, whether you win or lose. You’ll receive 3% on all Win, Place, and Show wagers. You’ll receive 5% on the exotic wagers and even 2% on Win, Place, or Show wagers placed through their call center. Again, these are paid out daily, ensuring you never leave their racebook empty-handed.

If you aren’t at the track or can’t find an OTB, Bookmaker is the place for you for horse racing. You can get all of your wagers down at any track you like all the way up to post time and the 8% daily rebate is more than enough incentive to join up today and take advantage of everything Bookmaker has to offer. Everyone playing the ponies deserves the same great features that all online gamblers get to enjoy and at Bookmaker they can.

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