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BetAmerica is now one of the most popular online gambling sites for horse and greyhound racing on the internet. Unlike most sites populating the web, BetAmerica is a fully licensed and regulated gambling service based in the United States. They offer their customers the opportunity to wager on all domestic US horse racing, along with plenty of races from overseas.

They don’t stop there, though, as users are also able to wager on greyhounds as well. Not only that, the ever popular daily fantasy sports craze is also available to play. Old and new meet at BetAmerica for all you legal gambling needs. BetAmerica also provides plenty of value for new customers with their 100% Welcome Bonus up to $300.

Every gambling site of every kind is using bonus programs as a way to entice new customers and BetAmerica is not different. However, you’ll be hard pressed to find better Welcome Bonus value anywhere outside of BetAmerica. The bonus is only available on your first deposit, but it matches it all the way to $100. Deposit $100, now you have $200.

All right in your account and ready to play on any horse race, greyhound race, or DFS event you choose. The bonus is good to everyone depositing any amount between $25 to $100 and comes with an interesting rollover that makes it even more valuable.

Rollovers are the necessary evil of the online gambling world and that goes for fully licensed sites like BetAmerica or the other offshore sites you are bound to run into. Every site needs a good bonus program to attract new customers and giving away free money is a great way to do this. Of course, sites like BetAmerica can’t just give away money without the promise of you playing at their site.

That would defeat the whole promotion idea and end up costing a pretty penny. This is why sites uses rollovers. The rollover is nothing more than a number of wagers or amount of money you have to wager to effectively release the bonus you claimed. As you can imagine, some sites are good at this and others are not. Fortunately, BetAmerica is one of the best.

Once you’ve claimed your 100% Welcome Bonus on your initial deposit, every wager you make will release ten percent of your bonus. The more you play, the more of the bonus is available to you. This is by far one of the best deals you’ll find from any online gambling site, especially the DFS companies. Other sites throw out much bigger numbers, but they are never better than BetAmerica. Collect the 100% Welcome Bonus from BetAmerica and ten wagers later, your bonus is now your money, directly into your account.

A recent Supreme Court decision we’re sure everyone is aware of means big changes are headed toward online gambling. BetAmerica is leading the way as a fully licensed and legal online gambling outlet available everywhere in the United States. Not only that, they have the best Welcome Bonus you’ll find. Sign up today and you’ll collect right away.

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