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Sportsbook Betting Versus Online Betting

Live Betting Versus Online Betting: Settling the Sports Betting Debate

sportsbook in Las VegasBefore I get into the debate between live sports betting (at a sportsbook in a casino) and online sports betting, I must preface this by saying that those of you living in 49 of the 50 US states have nothing to debate unless you’re on vacation in Nevada. Well, unless you want to gamble illegally. Hey, I’m not here to judge you. Just be careful. Don’t get caught! Now, onto the debate…

Live Sports Betting Pros

The cool thing about betting in an offline sportsbook is you can place your wager, grab a seat and a beer and sit back and watch the game right there. Depending on which sportsbook you’re at, you might even have a cocktail waitress that provides some eye candy – added bonus! You also receive comps at most casino sportsbooks. They aren’t much but they do add up. In most cases, $100 bet gets you a free drink. So if you bet $1,000 on games you will receive 10 drink tickets or so, depending on where you are. The other benefits of betting in an offline sportsbook is you know you can trust where you’re giving your money and know you’ll get paid out. Also, the atmosphere definitely beats watching a ballgame from home.

Live Sports Betting Cons

Nothing is perfect. Offline casino sportsbooks have downsides as well. Even places like Caesars and Bellagio. If you’re watching a game at, say, Aria Sportsbook, the chairs are quite comfy (leather, in fact). But nothing is more comfortable than your own couch at home. If you don’t smoke, many Vegas sportsbooks allow smoking so that might bother you. And, let’s face it, betting online is a lot more convenient. You have to actually drive to an offline sportsbook, get out of your car and place a bet. On those days where you feel like being lazy and lounging around the house but want to throw down some cash on the big game, it’s nice to have an online sportsbook account.

Online Sports Betting Pros

As stated earlier, it’s nice to have an online sportsbook account on days you just want to lounge around. This is true even for Las Vegas residents. Placing a bet online is merely a click away. It’s also convenient to be able to log onto your sports betting site and check out the lines without having to drive to a casino. The Internet has made everything more convenient. Sure, it’s probably made us a bit lazier but there are far more benefits to it than negatives.

Online Sports Betting Cons

It’s not that I don’t trust online casinos. Well, some I don’t. But I always prefer physically handing someone my money when making a purchase. This isn’t just true for sports betting. I don’t even like buying electronics online. I do, but I hate putting my credit card information out there even on a secure website. I’m very cautious with my money. Since online gambling is illegal in the United States, American citizens have to put their money into overseas accounts when gambling online. Yes, it’s very lame. But, hey, our government tells us we are horrible people if we wager on a computer instead of at a casino (sigh). Plus, I love sitting at a sportsbook and watching ballgames. The atmosphere is really cool usually as long as you aren’t at one of those depressing local casinos where only angry old chain smokers frequent.

So….Which One is Better?

I just spent about 600 words explaining the pros and cons of online and offline sports betting, but still haven’t told you which one is better. That’s because the answer is…neither. It just depends on your personal preference. For me, some days I prefer going over to Bellagio or Caesars to bet on and watch a game. Other days I don’t feel like getting up off my couch so I use my online sportsbook account. I’ll let you decide for yourself which one is better.

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