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Best Sportsbooks in Vegas

canto gaming bookAs you know, Las Vegas is the sports betting capital of the United States as it is clearly 100% legal. There are dozens of options in Sin City to watch and bet on sporting events. Some aren’t so appealing, but many are among the best places to catch a game. We’ve gone all over Las Vegas, searching for that “perfect” sportsbook. Our criteria is very simple…

  • Big-screen TV’s
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Reasonable comps
  • Great atmosphere

Ranking and Reviewing the Top 5 Vegas Sportsbooks

1. The Venetian (North Central part of Strip)

venetian casinoIt’s hard to dislike The Venetian sportsbook. There are plenty of seats, plenty of big screens, and the atmosphere for a big game is awesome. There is a bar right behind the sportsbook for when you’re thirsty and a tasty Asian restaurant next to it. The Venetian sportsbook is part of the Cantor Gaming family. That means each seat has an individual TV with access to almost any ballgame or horse race you want to watch. The only downside to this sportsbook is the chairs are nothing special. They’re comfortable but not quite as comfy as the chairs at Wynn, Bellagio, etc.

2. The Wynn (North Central part of Strip)

wynn las vegasWhat’s not to like about The Wynn? Certainly not the sportsbook. Each seat is a comfortable, recliner chair and an individual TV. The big screens have a clear picture (not as clear as at The Venetian, however). Big game atmospheres at Wynn sportsbook are very good as well. The clientele is generally more affluent than other sportsbooks. One complaint we have is often times the cocktail waitresses – while being very attractive – are slow to bring drinks.

3. Caesars Palace (Central part of Strip)

caesars palaceMany consider Caesars’ sportsbook as the best in town. We can certainly see why. But the one thing that prevents us from ranking it #1 is the big screen TV picture quality isn’t as epic as at The Venetian. But then again, nothing really is. Caesars sportsbook is absolutely enormous (which is great for watching games at busy times). The atmosphere is pretty sweet during a big game. We don’t rank Caesars sportsbook #1 but you certainly should make a point to get over there for a ballgame on your trip to Vegas.

4. Aria (Central part of Strip)

aria casinoIn terms of comfort level, Aria is #1. If you can find yourself a seat on one of the couches, you’ll have a hard time refraining from taking an evening nap at this sportsbook. There are plenty of TV’s – most decent sized, but the place can get a little crowded. But what we don’t like about Aria’s sportsbook is they do not have individual TV’s to watch sporting events other than horse racing. So if you’re wanting your own TV to watch the ballgame of your choice, we suggest choosing a different sportsbook. Otherwise, there’s nothing to complain about this place. Great atmosphere, hot cocktail waitresses, and big screen’s all over.

5. Bellagio (Central part of Strip)

Bellagio HotelBellagio is a classy venue. The sportsbook is a big part of that. The Bellagio sportsbook is definitely not your local sports bar. Located right next to their world famous poker room, the Bellagio sportsbook has comfortable leather chairs, quality big screens, and since it’s the Bellagio, you have to expect classy waitresses. Bellagio’s sportsbook is good sized with enough TV’s for even the biggest games (i.e. Super Bowl).


Additional Sportsbooks in Las Vegas You Should Know About

The Strip isn’t the only place to watch and bet on a ballgame. And the sportsbooks listed above aren’t the only high-quality sportsbooks in Las Vegas. We also enjoy the following sportsbooks and think you should give them some consideration…

  • Rio (less than a mile west of Strip on Flamingo Road) – good food in the grill attached to it.
  • Sunset Station (a few miles east of Strip) – Giant sportsbook with dozens of big individual TV’s. This is an underrated sportsbook.
  • Golden Nugget (downtown on Fremont Street) – Fremont Street sportsbooks aren’t much to brag about…except for the Golden Nugget.
  • MGM Grand (South part of Strip) – If you like jam packed sportsbooks with loud crowds, this is the place for you.

So there you have it. Your exclusive guide to the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas. Now that you have an idea of where to watch the games, all you need to know now is what teams to bet on!

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