What States Have Legal Sports Betting?

The States with Legal Sports Betting in Their Casinos

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could legally bet on sports anywhere in the United States? As far as we’re concerned, sports betting should be legalized everywhere. The government has no right to tell us where we can bet on a ball game. It’s insane to think they are allowed to control how we spend our money so much. Unfortunately, our opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is where the government says its citizens can go to legally bet on sports.

The most obvious state where sports betting is legalized is Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada is the sports betting capital of the world. But you might not have known that Nevada technically isn’t the only state with legalized sports betting. Technically, sports betting is legal in New Jersey and Delaware. However, neither state has taken advantage of this law yet, for various reasons. Delaware does not have any sportsbooks because the NCAA has threatened to ban the state from having postseason collegiate events should they enact their sports betting law.

It’s truly unfortunate that live sports betting is unavailable to us in 49 of the 50 states. That’s the bad news. The good news is there are many sports betting sites online that are accept bets from US citizens. And, let’s face it, the state of Nevada (especially Las Vegas) is one of the best places to visit and live. Just because sports betting isn’t legalized in your state doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy betting on sports. You just have a few minor obstacles to overcome.

Will Sports Betting Ever Be Legalized Nationwide?

sportsbook in Las VegasMy opinion is that each state should be given a choice on whether or not to legalize sports betting. Let he citizens of each state vote and decide. Isn’t that how democracy is supposed to work? If the fine folks living in, say, North Carolina don’t want legalized sports betting in their state, so be it. But if they do, they should have that opportunity. My money is my money. I work to earn my income. I should have a right to spend my money the way I want. I don’t understand why I can drive to my local casino and pump thousands of dollars into a fixed slot machine but I can’t wager on sporting events unless I live in Nevada. It just seems silly to me.

Now, getting back to the original question. No, I don’t think sports betting will ever be legalized nationwide. But I do think certain states will eventually (maybe 2-4 years from now) legalize it and regulate it in a similar way that Nevada does. There are too many lobbyists in Washington DC that will always prevent nationwide legalized sports betting.

For those of you that either play poker for a living or recreationally, you’re familiar with the issues the poker world has with the US government. They simply refuse to understand the revenue potential of legalizing online poker. It’s a similar battle with legalizing live sports betting across the fruited plains. Don’t let the government bring you down and ruin your fun. Bet on sports and give our government the middle finger while doing so.

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